Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Both theUnion.com and KNCO have reported a mountain lion has been spotted near Alta Sierra School. 

The Union writer Mathew Renda reported-
Alta Sierra resident Roger Bond spotted a mountain lion in the early morning hours Friday in his backyard, located about a quarter-mile from Alta Sierra Elementary School. “It was about 4:30 a.m. when I heard this noise outside my kitchen,” Bond said. “I turned my outdoor lights on, and I saw a big cat just across Wolf Creek with what looked like two cubs.” The mountain lion had recently killed a doe, dragged it across the creek and was busy eating it with her offspring, Bond said. The next morning, when he ventured outside to assess what had happened, all …PAY WALL


An early morning sighting of an adult mountain lion and two cubs in Alta Sierra Friday near an elementary school has teachers on a heightened level of awareness. The cat spotted by resident Roger Bond was seen in his backyard around 4:30 AM. Bond noted that the mountain lion had apparently killed a doe and drug it across Wolf Creek where it was feeding with the young cats when he spotted them. Teachers at Alta Sierra Elementary School are taking extra precautions along with help from concerned parents.
Mountain lion attacks in California are rare with only 15 verified since 1890- most of them occurring since 1990. Six of those attacks resulted in a fatality.

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