Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Adults had their chance to play youth sports so please let the kids play the game.

We often hear about coaches, parents and referees getting into fights on a field or court of some kind. Every year we catch a news cast or youtube video where a meaningless life event turns into an altercation.

Why do the adults do this?

This year I heard of a fight between two coaches after a youth football game which was caught on video and posted to youtube. I also heard about a fight that broke out between two high school baseball teams where the coaches were fired, which was also posted to youtube.

In the age of smartphones everything is caught on video and posted to either Facebook or youtube within seconds. If you would like to be known by what you did at a youth game then ask yourself something before, during and after the game. What will the headline to read? If it is adults fight over bad call at 8u soccer game then go for it. But if not then keep control regardless of the situation. Unless there is a possibility of player injury.

It was brought to my attention this month that a coach of a youth football team was ejected from a game. I asked why? I was told the coach was protecting his players as the other team's coach was teaching his players to hurt the children on the other team. There were many helmet to helmet blows, spearing as well as late hits. The referees did not do there job so the coach attempted to do it for them.

I also heard the four referees worked with (day job) the head coach of the spearing team.

In a nut shell, a coach who was trying to protect his boys from a serious injury was ejected from the contest while a coach and four referees feel winning at all costs is more important than safety of children and sportsmanship to get the win.

If you know me well enough, then you know nothing upsets me more than adults making bad choices where children are used as pawns. A teams win-loss column is not a reflection on you coach, it is a reflection on the players, as they play the game and you do not. Unless you were on the field running plays into the huddle. As I hear it that is what you were doing and the referees did not throw the flag on you. I wonder why?

Thank you to the coach who stood up for his kids, it must have been tough to do, but know you did the right thing and you have a great headline.

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