Wednesday, October 23, 2013


While we have been hearing for a while now that Costco is slated to open up shop behind the Home Depot in Auburn. I heard today that they have broken ground. Also it is said that Auburn is getting a Walmart which will be going in behind Mel's Diner on on Highway 49. Many people have also stated that Auburn is getting a Trader Joes. These significant events could change Nevada County's spending and travel habits.

We already know these are very popular places to shop for many Nevada County residents. But many times local shoppers don't have time or they may not need a lot of items therefore they don't drive to these larger and many times less expensive down-the-hill Rocklin and Roseville stores. This could and most-likely will change when they are less than 20 minutes away.

The economic impact to Nevada County's already stretched mom-and-pop stores could be significant. The county has added less than 120 new homes (including Cascade Crossing on Combie Rd.) in the past 5 years so it is safe to say, we have not added many more residents. So in order for the these new  to our area, big box stores to be successful they will look to draw from the current population base along the Highway 49 corridor. Which may leave many Grass Valley and Nevada City merchants vulnerable.


  1. Yeah cant wait for the stores!!!

  2. Buildum!!!!

  3. I live in Grass Valley.... I can't wait to have Walmart, Costco, & Trader Joe's in Auburn..
    So much closer than going to Roseville.

  4. How many were crying when Kmart and JCP setup shop in GV?


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