Monday, October 21, 2013


received this email (which has been pasted below) from the ASPOA Recall Group.....

The vote on Saturday to recall the ASPOA Board of Directors was overwhelmingly successful. Contrary to what the former ASPOA board is circulating, they eight members were legally removed at a duly noticed and held meeting of the members.

Churchwell Tax and Business Services conducted the vote tabulation and verification, and ther will issue a formal official count shortly. We did however, convincingly meet the threshold for a quorum with proxy and in-person voting with the result being a landslide to recall all of the the 8 members of the board. The highest number of votes cast as a "do not recall" vote was 15 votes for one member of the board.

After losing their motion in court Thursday to deny us the right to vote,  the ASPOA Board and a few chairpersons, emerged in force handing out fliers at the entry in an effort to get people not to vote. As we did not want intimidation or confrontation with the voters the sheriff was called to intervene. After a discussion with the deputies, the board complied in moving away from the entry to hand out their materials.

We now turn to the election of  8 board members on Nov. 2.  The website should be ready to view by Oct 21. It will include photos of the candidates, describe their qualifications and state what they would like to do for the community. Any ASPOA member who wishes to run for a board position is encouraged to contact us at  No member will be denied.

To all who voted, thank you for your concern for our community and making your voice heard. 

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