Friday, October 25, 2013


The recall group is moving forward with their election. Here is the email I received from Kathy Monteiro.....

To all ASPOA members:
The election vote for 8 new successor board members is scheduled for Saturday, Nov 2, 10 AM at the Alta Sierra Country Club.
There are 11 ASPOA members that are running for these vacated seats. We have 4 former ASPOA board members with prior experience who have served in years past, as well as members who have experience being on other boards, and others who are professionals with skills that can well serve the community. Please take a few minutes to learn who these candidates are. You can also access the candidate profiles by clicking on this link: www.ASPOABoardCandidates.COM. This is an exciting election where the membership will finally have the opportunity to select the board of our choice.
Attached is the ballot/proxy. If you are not planning to attend the election meeting, please use the attached ballot to vote for a maximum of 8 candidates, fill in the name of a proxy to cast your vote for you, and e-mail it, fax it, or send it to:
Churchwell Tax and Business Services
610 Auburn Ravine #A
Auburn, Ca 95603
Fax: 530-885-9706
If you will be attending the election meeting on Nov. 2, please bring the ballot with you.  Before the ballots are cast, each candidate will be available to discuss their platform and answer member's questions.
The ballots and candidate profiles can be accessed at:

For more information: 575-7984

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