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Recently my family added two new members. They were a mother and daughter from the Rough and Ready area. We gave them their own space as well as their own food. The reason I'm writing this in the past tense is we kicked them out and sent them back to Wolfgang. While most of the family loved and embraced them one family member really didn't care for the two of them. We had to keep them apart. We though it was going to be a good fit for us but Dyson our four year old dog had the mother pygmy goat pinned to the ground  by the throat, so we acted in the best interest of Sophie and Maggie and sent them to greener pastures. They did not stay very long (four days) nor did they eat much of the tall native grasses for which was the impetus for us to break the Alta Sierra CCRs. They were very sweet girls but the dog came first.

I have to run, back to weed eating!


As our children graduate high school they will move away and face the many challenges that we have faced when we were their age.  Click here for a list of Nevada County's graduates published by the Union. Temptation will truly be a reality regardless of where they go and what they do as it can be found everywhere. 

By definition temptation is the desire to perform an action that one may enjoy immediately or in the short term but will probably later regret for various reasons: legal, social, psychological (including feeling guilt), health-related, economic, etc. Temptation also describes the coaxing or inducing a person into committing such an act, by manipulation or otherwise of curiosity, desire or fear of loss.

More informally, temptation may be used to mean "the state of being attracted and enticed" without anything to do with moral, ethical, or ideological valuation; for example, one may say that a piece of food looks "tempting" even though eating it would result in no negative consequences.

As grown-ups, we know all to well what the college years look like. While scary for the ones who already have lived that time period, it is very liberating for the departing. It is not what they do with the temptations (yes they might do some of the things you did) but how they learn and grow from them. They will make mistakes but we must trust we have done a good job raising them to make their own decisions


 Gold Country Lacrosse states, lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet. While that may sound like a sales pitch or self promotion, the national statistics state the sport is also the fastest growing game as to participation. If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved click here for further information.

National lacrosse participation grew 10 percent in 2010 according to the annual participation survey conducted by US Lacrosse, released today. The US Lacrosse report found 624,593 players competed on organized teams in 2010, up 10 percent from the total of 568,021 in 2009. US Lacrosse first tracked overall lacrosse participation in 2001, when 253,931 people played on organized teams. 

Whereas Little League baseball has declined on average by one percent each year since 1996, CNN reports. Click here for the rest of the article. Both Little League baseball and lacrosse are played in the spring therefore they are competing for the same players as well as dollars. Additional pressure is coming from within it's own sport as well.

Writer Michael Hilton stated in a recent article that, for the past several years, Youth Travel Team Baseball has experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity with an estimated growth rate of more than 3000% over the past 5-years.  This rapid growth rate continues to siphon participation from local Little League®, Dixie Youth®, and local Recreation leagues which were once thought to be the elite programs for talent development.  While there will continue to be a market for community-based programs, the quality of competition will continue to decline as more youth continue to shift over to The Select Team format. Community-based baseball programs will need to adjust to changing times or they are destined for continued shrinking enrollment and a decrease in the quality of play.  Community-based programs may function more efficiently by initiating a “if you can’t beat’em, join’em” philosophy.  A look back at 40-years ago in history at some of the more progressive community-based programs of the time would reveal where current local programs should direct their efforts. Click here for the rest of Michael's article.

In the Sacramento Area there are many travel baseball teams, which start as young as age six, which are also gaining market share. Currently there are two travel baseball teams in development which will service athletes from Auburn to Nevada City. The fastest growing travel baseball organization in the area is Hank's Bombers. Click here for Ryan Hankinson's website for further information.

If Little League baseball plans to stop it's eroding market share it will need to look into the mirror and address the issues of it's customer base or it will be difficult to break the trend. 

Friday, June 29, 2012


Historically a Rocklin Little League team needs no introduction as they have build one of Sacramento's power little league programs and this year should be no different.

The 9-10 team is built around a District 11 Tournament of Champions championship team that dropped the the Bear River Royals in the finals while it's majors team made it to the TOC finals falling to Tri-City.

Click here  for Rocklin's players names and managers. This is a top notch program who always fields the best team they can. RLL holds tryouts for their All-Star teams and it shows on the field how competitive they really are. Rocklin as well as Tri-City moves their top players down in age groups to ensure a very competitive team. Many 10 year old  major's players will play on their 9-10 team including the Mooney boys. In the 9-10 division, RLL will be the team to beat, while the 10-11 team is the strong all comers will have to go through the "Beast" of Tri-City. 

The Major's Division could be up for grabs with the likes of Lincoln, Tri-City, Rocklin and a possible contender is Bear River holding the trophy in the end. The Bear River majors team made into the finals when this group of boys were on the 9-10 team just two years back. The Lincoln team defeated the Bear River team in the final game on a walk off home run. The managers of those two teams were Bear River's Eric VanPatten and Lincoln's Raymond Garcia. The Bear River team is missing a few key players from that run but still a good group of boys.

If Bear River's major team can get by Tri-City in game one, anything could be possible from that point forward for the foothill team.

The Bear River 10-11 All-Star team took a big blow this week when it lost it's number one pitcher, Josiah Cegar with a broken thumb. Cregar's injury occurred in the TOC when he dove for a ball, getting the out. Elliot Boucheir will replace Cegar in the rotation and lead the way for Bear River.


Can you please explain why they seem to be moving?


The Bear River Little League 9-10 year old All-Star team squares off against Tri-City on Monday at 5 p.m. in Lincoln. If they happen to win they with then take on the host team Lincoln on Wednesday. Click here for the story which profiles Lincoln's All-Star teams.

Many of the Lincoln 9-10 boys play on Travel teams including the Lincoln Brown Sox and Hamk's Bombers as do a few of the Bear River 9-10 All-Star players. Hence the teammates playing Teammates.

Good Luck and no bean balls.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Nevada County has four major lakes which have waterfront homes. The South County has Lake of the Pines which is the larger than lake Combie.
While both are nice they both have their advantages. Combie is more intimate where Lake of the Pines has more amenities. The price of waterfront at the moment is more expensive on lake Combie. Currently on the market for for just under two million dollars is a 5,649 square foot home with 1.11 water front acres. Click here for a virtual tour.

Within the gates of Lake of the Pines you will currently find a a 4,126 square foot home on less than an acre of land priced at one and a half million dollars. Click here for a virtual tour. While both properties are nice the Combie home is far greater.

Now moving to the far end of the county, we have Lake Wildwood. Where you will find a 5,073 square foot home on .73 acres. While the home is the most expensive home at two million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. It has tile counters in the bath, not exactly upper end. Click here for the virtual tour. Lake Wildwood has a gate like Lake of the Pine as well as similar amenities.

The fourth and final lake, Scotts Flat does not currently have any waterfront homes for sale. But Fuller lake does have one listed at $849,000. Fuller is a small alpine lake with very limited access fall to late spring.

There are currently 26 lakefront homes on the market in Nevada County with prices ranging from $599.000 to 2.75 Million.

If you are currenlty in the market for a waterfront property please give me a call.

Scott Hopper - Realtor, 530-477-2277


All seven of Bear River's post season teams (listed below) have or had to play an extra game to get to the championship game of their respected tournaments. What are the odds of all seven teams from one league being seeded basically into a play-in game? Especially in a blind draw format? 


Bear River Little League Juniors baseball team will begin it's All-Star Tournament tonight against Auburn Little League in Rockilin. The contest is scheduled for 6 p.m. If Auburn or Bear River are to make into the final game they will have had to play one more game than any other team.  Click here for the District 11 Area One Junior's bracket.

There is a juniors division rule that states once high school play is over, any player who is of age to compete in the juniors division may play. It is unknown how many high school players are on the Auburn team but during the regularly scheduled season their were many and Bear River has none.


The Bear River Major's All-Star team will travel to Rocklin for it's first round action on Monday for a 5 p.m. game where they will take on Tri-City. If Tri-City or Bear River are to make into the final game they will have had to play one more game than any other team.

The Tri-City Cardinals won the District 11's Tournament of Champions earlier this week and in route to their victory they dropped Bear River's top team the Angels 12-2 in a mercy rule game. The Bear River Major All-Star team has six of it's 13 player coming from the Angels.

Click here  for the District 11 Area One Major's division bracket.

10-11 All-Star

The Bear River 10-11 All-Star team will begin it's post regular season run in a rematch game from 2011 against Rocklin. In the previous years game Rocklin defeated the Bear River team 11-1 in a mercy rule game.

Click here for the District 11 10-11 All-Star bracket.

This year's tournament is held in Penn Valley and once again, if either Tri-City or Bear River are to make into the final game they will have had to play one more game than any other team.

9-10 All-Star

The Bear 9-10 All-Star Team will take on Tri-City if a first round game on June 2 in Lincoln. Bear River's 9-10 team also played Tri-City in the first round this past season and fell in a mercy rule contest by a score of 13-3.  

If Tri-City or Bear River are to make into the final game they will have had to play one more game than any other team. 

Click here for the District 11 Area One 9-10 All-Star Bracket.

TOC Tournament

During the District 11 Major's and Minor's division Tournament of Champions both Bear River teams were not only  required to play an extra game to make it into the championship game but they also had to play each other in their second round contest. That contest was held on the same day as many other teams were playing their first round game.

Click here for the District 11 Junior's division Tournament of Champions bracket.

Click here for the District 11 Major's division Tournament of Champions bracket.

Click here for the District 11 Minor's division Tournament of Champions bracket.


I often look in the Gold Country "free" section of Craigslist to see what fun and odd items people in Nevada County are getting rid of. While I have never called on anything, I have giggled a few times. Click here if you are looking for free rocks. Rocks? I guess that is one way to get rocks hauled off your property without paying for their removal. That must be why they live in Smartsville!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Travel ball at age six? How young is to young to play travel baseball? I don't know the answer to that question as I feel it is the parents right to put their child on the field when they feel the time is right. With that being said, these are children who are going into kindergarten and many of the players are fresh out of diapers. Click here for a 6 and under tournament's results.

Baseball in Nevada County begins at age six with tee ball and these kids are already playing in high pressure tournaments. Maybe we need to start playing at age 4 then we may be able to compete when we play down the hill.

If there is a child who is six years old plays on average of 60 games per year, as most travel teams do, by the time that player graduates high school he will have played 720 games. That might be a little much for most kids.


As you drive around Nevada County one thing you might be seeing more of than you have seen in a few years is the word SOLD. With that word often comes more for sale signs or does it. The inventory is drying up like a late day rain.

From May 25 to June 25 a total of 18 single family homes were sold in Lake of the Pine, South County as well as Alta Sierra. While the prior 30 days there were 11 and year to date there have been 78 single family homes sold.

The sales volume is rising but the homes on the market is falling. This signals a change in the market. We are moving from buyers dictating prices to sellers being more likely to hold to their price.

Currently there are 98 homes on the market of which 12 are priced at $950,000 or higher while there are only seven listed below $200,000. With the highest asking price being asked in Lake of the Pines at 2.2 million and the lowest is found in Alta Sierra at $135,000.

In the first three months of 2012 there were 25 homes sold of which nine were under $200,000 and only one was over one million.

Scott Hopper -Realtor, 530-477-2277


Tri-City's major Cardinals defeated the Yankees of Rocklin in the District 11 major Tournament of Champions championship game by a score of 3-1 on Tuesday night.

The two team met earlier this season in the annual Top of the Rock tournament with the Yankees winning that game 6-1.

The regular season is officially over for all regular season teams. Best of luck to those who made it to All-stars.


The NBA finals have come and gone with the better team winning four games to one when the final horn sounded. While many fans were disapointed and some out right mad to see Lebron and Co. holding the trophy in the end. Their passion towards the Final's MVP had very little to do with his basketball prowess, but respect. Or lack there of.

The Heat are led by one of the greatest players to ever play the game, most realize he is that good. The haters dispise him for the way he left the Cavs and not for what he can or can not do with the basketball. Magic, Bird, and Michael would never have made the game of basketball about themselves as basketball is a team game.

The Heat are looked on very much like the New York Yankees, they purchased a team that would no doubt become a contender. They spent money to win the title while failing to develop players or men. Where as the Oaklahoma City Thunder are a small market team built through the draft with out all the hoopla and cash. They are still a contender who was built the right way. America love the underdog.

The 2012 season ended as most NBA watchers thought it would, with the Thunder, a small market team sitting on the sidelines watching a big name, deep pocket, big city franchise once again putting on a show. I hope Lebron has learned through his missteps to be humble while standing in the spotlight.


Last day for registrations is this Saturday, June 30th for Middle School Basketball Camp.Visit their website form registration forms, waiver & release.

Dave Pistone, Bear River Recreation & Park District Winter Rec BB League Manager, will coordinate four days, six hours each of advanced basketball skills. 

This camp is for girls & boys in middle school who possess fundamental skills and want further development to compete at school or club level. 

Focus also on the mental and competitive aspects of the game. Instructors include former and current players from the local high schools, camp size is limited for instructor/participant ratio. Be prepared to work hard and improve. Non-scuff shoes mandatory. 

Bring water, lunch. Register by June 30th. Magnolia Big Gym, July 9-12, Monday-Thursday.

Fee: $200

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Many news sources have reported that the BCS will no longer exist in 2014. A committee of university presidents on Tuesday approved a plan for a four-team playoff.

This will result in a college football playoff and now the nation will know who is the number one team.

Read more here: will result in a college football playoff and now the nation will know who is the number one team.


Bear River Little League has announced it's Major's All-Star team.


 Jack Blashford
Trevor Henning
Owen Dalbon
Jordon Ellliott
David Fenton
Jake Leonard
Scott Sandstedt
Ryan Solomon
Bradley Dzioba
Seth Robinson
Clay Corippo
Jake Rogers
Justin Kilgore


Manager - John Dzioba
Coaches - Sean Solomon                 Scott Kilgore

Monday, June 25, 2012


The two remaining teams competing in the District 11 Major Tournament of Champions final game in Roclikn are the Cardinals of Tri-City Little League and the Yankees of Rocklin Little League.

The Cardinals dropped the Grass Valley Cubs 12-2 and the Yankees defeated the Lincoln Red Sox to earn their bids.

The Yankees and Cardinals will face off tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the Tri-City Little League field in Rocklin.

Click here for the Lincoln Messanger game story.


I was fishing at park four with my son this evening when his hula popper got snaged on a rope in the water. He ventured out to retrieve it and when he returned, he had 30 or so leeches on his feet. Mind you he was in the water for maybe 3 minutes.

If by chance this happes to you or someone you are with, don't become alarmed. Walk to the dry sand and rub it on the little brown colored blood suckers, they will come right off.

They are about one quarter of an inch long and brown in color. We did not see any that were larger in size.

Remember leeches are used by doctors to clean a persons blood. So this might be a good thing.

Click here if you are interested in medicinal leeches.


While the pitcher receives the accolades in the headlines, it is the catcher that runs the game. The catcher is an extension of the teams manager, calling pitches and directing traffic on the field. A catcher is the toughest position to play in baseball.

The player behind the dish stands and squats, throws the ball as many times as the pitcher while wearing it's gear in often 90 plus degree heat.

While reading the New York Times recently I found this great article on how to be a catcher. I did learn a few things so I thought you might as well.

Click here for a full explanation with drawings on "how to be a catcher."

Sunday, June 24, 2012


The Grass Valley Cubs led the game 8~1 to start 4th inning while playing the Rocklin Nationals in the District 11 Tournament of Champions on Sunday night in Rocklin. The Cubs Starting pitcher Kyle Felhaber who threw 88 pitches hit his second home run of the game to move the score to 9-1.

Cody Jiannino came on in relief with runners on first and second for the Cubs. The Nat's scored on a single to move the score to 9-2. 

The game ended on a double play by the Cubs.

The Cubs will be back in action on Monday night when they will take on the Tri-City Cardinals at 7:30.


The Bear River Little League major Angels fell behind 3-0 in the top of the first inning and attempted to cut into the 12-0 Tri-City Cardinals lead in the fourth but fell 12-2 to end their District 11 Tournament of Champions run.

Ryan Solomon started on hill for Bear River giving up four hit in the firsts. Solomon hit a fast ball off the wall to left for a double, but the Angels failed to score in the bottom half. Tri-City led 3-0.

The Cardinals extended their lead in the top of the second with a single, home-run, home run for a 6-0 lead. Solomon tallied three strikeouts in the inning. The Angels went three up and three down.

Scotty Sandstedt relieved Solomon who threw 48 pitches, who gave up a lead off triple as well as three singles which moved the score to 10-0. 

Sanstadt was relieved by David Fenton with the score at 12-0.

The Angels attempted to mount a comeback in the bottom of the fourth when Leonard singled to lead off the inning, Solomon singled, Sandstedt singled, Fenton hit an RBI single. Owen Dalbon recorded an RBI with a fielders choice to move the score to 12-2 with one out. The following two batters struck out to end the game.

Angel's manager Sean Solomon and coaches Dave Elliot and Gary Leonard, thank you for your leadership. It was a fun season.


As ones summer plans get into full swing, with the kids out of school, working, sporting events, out of town vacations and social engagements, how can one find time to get their line wet. This past summer I had the same problem until I scheduled it.

Click here for a few ideas on how to manage your time as well. If you really want to do something in life you can always find the time.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


The Bear River Angels will take on the Tri-City Cardinals on Sunday night at 7:30 in Rocklin. Bear River for some reason had to not only play an extra game to get here but they also had to play a team from their own league in the second round. It is unknown how the District 11 brackets are filled.

The Tri-City Cardinals (16-2) finished their regular season at the top of their league standings this spring by scoring 169 runs while giving up 40. In their first lost of the season the Cards fell to the Yankees (8-9) 5-2. The Cards only other blemish was delivered by the Indians (14-4) by a score of 4-1.

The Cardinals also fell to the Rocklin Yankees 6-1 in their Top of the Rock tournament by a score of 6-1.

Click here for the Placer Herald Tri-City TOC story.


The grip is across the seams, as seen in the photo above. It is thrown with regular mechanics and velocity.

The four seam fastball is the straightest fastest pitch a pitcher has to offer. I have found that even the best hitters have a difficult time catching up to this pitch when set up with a change up, when thrown up in the zone. The reason the pitch is effective is, gravity pushes the ball in a downward motion but the back spin will give the ball lift which results in a very straight trajectory from the pitchers hand to the catchers glove.

This pitch is most effective when thrown high out of the strike zone. A batter who carries their hands low when addressing the plate will not catch up to this pitch. This pitch is know as "High Heat."


The Daily Emerald is reporting that Bear River graduate and junior to be Courtney Ceo will likely replace four-year starter Kelsey Chambers at short stop for the University of Oregon in the fall. Chambers started 223 games in her four years in Eugene. Ceo is currently recovering from a torn ACL which ended her season prior to the Ducks College World Series run.


Grass Valley Downtown Association Executive Director Julia Jordan was quoted  in The Union stating she has been working on getting an ice rink installed in Grass Valley for over a year. Click here for The Union story

Friday, June 22, 2012


Friday night under the lights in Rocklin the Bear River Angels and Dodgers took to the field knowing one of their season's would be over. The Angels scored in the first and neither team scored again. The Angels won the pitchers duel 1-0.

Angels starter Jake Leonard gave up not runs or hits in the top of the first,striking out two.

Harry Zea started for the Dodgers and he gave up a double to Leonard who scored on a single by Scotty Sandstedt for the games only run. 

Leonard struck out the first two batters in the second and gave up a single to Seth Robinson. Leonard stuck the next batter out on his 31st pitch of the game.

In the bottom of the second Zea got the Angels three up and three down.

Leonard fanned the first two batters in the inning and Jaden Gravatt singled. Dean Hopper came on in relief with two balls on Bradley Dzioba. Hopper took him to a full count but Dzioba walked. The Dodger base runners advanced on a passed ball. Hopper pitched out of the jam when Zea hit a ground ball to the short stop Ryan Solomon to end the inning, holding on to the 1-0 lead.

Zea gave up a single to Leonard, but gave up no runs in the bottom of the third.

Hopper returned to the mound in the fourth where he got two strike outs and gave up a single to Robinson.

Josiah Cregar started at pitcher in the bottom half of the inning, walking one and gave up no Angels hits or runs.

Sandstadt struck out the side in the fifth.

Elliot Bouchier took over for Cregar with a strike out, Jordan Elliot made it aboard by way of an error. Elliott was thrown out attempting to steal second by the Dodgers catcher Trae Nix. 

Sandstadt closed the game facing the Dodger's #3, #4 and #5 hitters. The first batter flew out, he then fanned the next Dodger and Nix hit a line drive that hit Sandstedt in the ribs. Sandstedt fielded the ball and threw Nix out to end the 1-0 contest. 

Next Angels are back in action on Sunday where they will take on the Tri-City Cardinals who defeated the Auburn Cubs 13-0.


The Bear River Royals lost to Rocklin in the championship game of the District 11 minor's Tournament of Champions in Newcastle 13-1. Mathew Dalbon hit a triple for Bear River in the loss.


I have been hearing reports of leaches in Lake of the Pines. Does anyone know what their Board of Directors plan to do to combat these blood suckers?

WikipediaLeeches are segmented worms that belong to the phylum Annelida and comprise the subclass Hirudinea. Like other oligochaetes such as earthworms, leeches share a clitellum and are hermaphrodites. Nevertheless, they differ from other oligochaetes in significant ways. For example, leeches do not have bristles and the external segmentation of their bodies does not correspond with the internal segmentation of their organs. Their bodies are much more solid as the spaces in their coelom are dense with connective tissues. They also have two suckers, one at each end.


Registrations are still being accepted for the Bear River Parks and Rec. Youth Basketball Camp. Visit their website at and click on Activity Guide for more information and registration forms. 

Call 530-268-PARK (7275) or email if you have any questions.

Bear River High School's coach Jeff Bickmore and players will instruct the camp. They will focus on skills and drills at this year's youth basketball camp which is held at Bear River High School two gyms. Campers will gain ability and confidence in shooting, passing, ball handling and more. 

Don’t miss out on these four fun basketball days! 

T-shirt included. The camp is a fundraiser for BRHS's Girls Basketball Team. 

The camp is coed for grades 2 to 8 Grades 2-8. The cost is $75.00 (siblings $50.00 each)

Session 2: June 25-26-27-28, Monday-Thursday, 9:00-Noon

3. JULY! Middle School Basketball


Are you looking for a great pitch to teach a developing pitcher that can deliver the all-important strikeout? I like to teach three pitches to young players; The two seam, the four seam and the circle or palm ball change up. In this article I will attempt to teach how to throw the two-seam fastball. This pitch is designed to have more movement than a four-seam fastball. In my opinion, the two-seam fastball is a pitch to be thrown down in the zone or on the corners of the plate, which will result in more ground balls and outs.

The Two-Seam Fastball Grip- Grab a baseball and find the area on it where the seams are the closest together. Rotate the baseball so that those seams are perpendicular to your body. Place your index and middle fingers on each of those seams respectively. Each of your fingers should be touching the seam from the pads or tips to almost the ball of each finger. (See photo above- Your thumb should rest underneath the ball in the middle of those two fingers.)

What I ask my pitchers to do is rotate the baseball directly towards their palm so that the thumb will find the apex of the horseshoe part of the seam. The thumb needs to rest on that seam from the side to the middle of its pad.

You are now ready to throw a two-seam fastball. This ball will tend to move for the pitcher a little bit, depending on velocity, arm-slot angle and pressure points of the fingers.

This is not a curve ball or slider. If the ball breaks hard then make sure the pitchers fingers are directly behind or on top of the ball and not on the side at release.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Sacbee reports Placer's Eddie Vanderdoes is listed as the No. 1 high school prospect in's Class of 2013 Northern California Football Top 50.
The 6-foot-4, 305-pound senior, a national recruit who already has 52 scholarship offers, is a defensive tackle.

Read more here:

Click here for the full story.


Click here  for the Sacramento Bee's announcement of the Pioneer Valley League's all-league teams.


Click here for the Tanner Vallejo story. The Nevada Union returning linebacker has made a verbal commitment to Boise State.

Click here for Vallejo's junior stats provided by


The Grass Valley Cubs move to the second round as the Penn Valley "B" team forfeited the contest in the District 11 Tournament of Champions tournament on Thursday night in Rocklin.

The Cubs will be back in action on Sunday in Rocklin when they will take on the Rocklin National at 5 p.m. The Nationals won the Top of the Rock tournament, which is a tournament between the regular season winners from Tri-City and Rocklin Little Leagues.

Click here for the Top of the Rock story


The Bear River Royals used timely hitting, great defense and the golden arm of Connor Tidd to defeat the Tri-City Yankees by a score of 6-2 of Thursday evening in Newcastle. The win moves the Royals, who are managed by Brad Dalbon into the District 11 finals on Friday night.

Tidd came out of the gate strong giving up one hit with no runs in the first. The Royals started the bottom half of the inning with single, single, and Mathew Dalbon moved the runners over to second and third when Tyler Knox singled driving home the first Bear River run, but the umpire said the runner left early calling back the go ahead run in the bottom of the first. The Royals failed to score.

Tidd and the Royals held the Yankees to no runs in three up three down fashion in the top of two. Bear River led off the bottom half with a strikeout and two consecutive singles but stranded the base runners and failed to score in the bottom half of the second inning.

Tidd again had command of his pitches, throwing only five and getting another three up three down inning.

The Royals lead off batter made it aboard on an error and scored on a single by catcher Brandon Sorenson to take the 1-0 lead. The Yankees changed pitchers who struck the next two batters out.

Tidd again went three up three down with only 38 pitches in the first four innings.

In the top of five Tri-Cities answered with single, single, single and a score for a 1-1 tie. Tidd walked a batter to load the bases with one out when the Yankee hitter delivered a single moving the score to 2~1 for the Tri-City lead.

In the bottom half of the fifth the Royals bats came alive. Caden Dooley's double knotted the score at 2~2. Sorenson delivered a double with one out which scored two to take a 4-2 lead. Mathew Dalbon doubled scoring Sorenson and Ian Hayes singled home Dalbon for a 6-2 lead. The inning was called as the Royals scored five runs in the inning.

Tidd was called back to the mound to close out the game with the score 6-2. He struck out the first batter, he got the next batter to pop out, he hit the next batter in the head, gave up a single and got the final batter to hit the ball back to him and he threw the ball to Knox for the final out of the contest.

While Tidd threw a gem, it was the team's defense that won the contest for Bear River.

On Friday the Royal's will play Rocklin for the the right to be called the 2012 District 11 minor Tournament of Champion's Champion. 


The circle change is a pitch that every major league pitcher has in their arsenal and you should also. While it is a very popular pitch in the majors, it is often overlooked by many youth league coaches. Speed change can not and should not be overlooked. Many youth coaches teach kids how to throw a curve ball instead of this very deadly pitch. The curve ball, which I do not advocate is the last pitch to teach kids. If they can hit spots with the two and four seam fast ball as well as the circle change, you have a great pitcher in the making.

The key to keeping a pitcher on the rubber over the long term is hitting spots and changing speeds. Not the break of the curve ball or slider. Stick to the basics, until they have mastered the circle change. By that point the youth pitcher maybe old enough and mature enough to start throwing a breaking ball.

The circle change is griped as seen in the above photo. It is thrown with the same wind-up and arm velocity as the fastball. Many developing pitchers will slow the ball down by not throwing it as hard. This is incorrect. If you are going to sell the pitch to the batter, you must sell it as a fastball. Arm velocity and arm angle must be the same.

When throwing this pitch try to hit the catchers feed. If you can keep the ball low in the zone you will have great success with this pitch.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Here is a Sneak peek of Touchdown Productions upcoming telecast covering this years 2nd Running of the Nevada City Adult Soapbox Derby on Saturday June 16, 2012. 42 cars and 60 drivers make this the top event in Nevada county.


Dan Lynch writes: Congrats to the divisional winners.

First place - Loya and Herm
Second/Third place tie- Harris and Madruga, and Costa and Bertoncini 

Advanced amateur:
First place - Team PBJ, Brian and Jesse
Second place - Team Brockship Enterprise, Brian and Scott
Third place - Kerry and Sven
Fourth place - Team Anemia, Weaver and McLaughlin
Fifth place - Team Bay Bashers, Paul and Jack R Pfefferle

Am Masters:
First place - Team B&B, Heller and Bud Ice

Intermediate amateur:
First place - Eric and Nick
Second place - Jake and Eric
Third place - Team Mackey Chain Wreckers
Fourth place - Team Pot o' Gold
Fifth place - Sol and Sequoia

Recreational division:
First place - Team Sticky Floor, Bonart and Cross
Second place - Jackson and Wayne


Baseball pitch counts, year around play and who looks after a players arm are discussed by the famous  Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who patients include Michael JordanJack NicklausEmmitt SmithJohn SmoltzTroy AikmanCharles BarkleyRoger ClemensAndrei MarkovBo JacksonRyan BroylesAdrian Peterson just to name a few.

From - Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. James Andrews, the world’s foremost authority on pitching-related injuries and a member of the Little League International Board of Directors, has identified five main risk factors that contribute to arm injuries sustained by amateur pitchers. By paying attention to these risk factors, Dr. Andrews, who was instrumental in the development of Little League’s Pitch Count regulations, is convinced that many of the surgeries he is performing weekly on teenagers and younger, can be avoided.

Click here for an ESPN article.

While there are many opinions as to what is best for a Little League pitcher's arm. If the most well known doctor who has operated on some of the best known athletes of all time concludes that something is not good for your child you may want to listen. Whether you are the coach or parent it is your responsibility to keep the child save and injury free regardless of the score or importance of the game. There will always be another game, but your child only gets one arm.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Bear River Little League's Board of Directors have announced it's 2012 10-11 All-Star team.


Mason Girodano
Peyton McGovern
Dylan Sinclair
Elliot Boucheir
Ryan Bradford
Trea Nix
Josiah Cregar
Cameron Kodai
Logan Jenkins
Mason Harrison
Reid Zoldan
David Aldrich


Dave Aldrich
Trenton Robinson
Josh McGovern

Click here for the District 11 10-11 year old All-star bracket.


I was living in Marina Del Rey on March 3, 1991,when a video tape captured Rodney King, being repeatedly beaten by a group of LAPD officers. More than a year later, on April 29, 1992, all four officers were acquitted when the jury could not reach a verdict. The result sparked outrage about racism across the country, especially in South Central Los Angeles and South East Los Angeles where large groups took to the streets, many shouting "Black justice!" and "No justice, no peace!" Some of these protests and other large gatherings devolved into mob violence and destruction, in what became known as the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

On that day in March Los Angeles changed, as the riots ensured, fires raged,  curfews placed on it's citizens and now the man who started it all is dead. Click here for the sacbee story. Another man who's life also changed that day was Reginald Denny, a construction truck driver, who was beaten nearly to death by a group of assailants who came to be known as the "L.A. Four".

Deny had loaded his red, 18-wheel truck and began driving to a plant in Inglewood where he said the sand was due. He left the Santa Monica Freeway and took a familiar shortcut across Florence Avenue to get to his destination. His truck did not have a radio, so he was unaware that he was driving into a riot. At 6:46 p.m., after entering the intersection at Normandie, rioters threw rocks at his windows and he heard people shouting for him to stop. Overhead, a news helicopter with reporter Bob Tur aboard captured the events that followed.

Denny stopped in the middle of the street. Antoine Miller opened the truck door, giving others the chance to pull Denny out. Another man, Henry Keith Watson, then held Denny's head down with his foot. Denny was kicked in the abdomen by an unidentified man. Two other unidentified men who had led a liquor store break-in earlier that day hurled a five-pound piece of medical equipment at Denny's head and hit him three times with a claw hammer. Damian Williams then threw a slab of concrete at Denny's head and knocked him unconscious.

Denny had nothing to do with the situation, other than being the wrong race. 

I rode my bike to the beach the following day, where I was asked to go home by a National Guard solider who was holding a big gun. It was mid-day and that experience changed me as well.


What do you get when you throw a basketball, 10 top Nevada County 8th grade boys basketball players along with two top notch coaches into a gym? You get the Sierra Nevada Basketball Association's Venom basketball team which has earned a berth to the West Coast Nationals June 29-July 1 in San Fransisco.

The Venom finished in third place at the AAU 950 team tournament in Reno which opened the door to the national event for the local boys team.

Click here for the Auburn Journal article.



The Bear River junior Giants fell behind early to the Lincoln Athletics and used timely hitting along with a few walks in the sixth to knot the game at 10-10. But they gave up one run in the seventh to fall 11-10 on Monday night in Rocklin. Bear River's season has now come to an end.


SF Giants vs BR Angels

The Bear River major Angels fell behind 4-1 in the second inning to the Sierra Foothill Giants in Rocklin on Monday night but rallied to a 12-5 victory.

Ryan Solomon starts on the mound for the Angels who were the home team.

Jordan Elliot single and scored on a double by Jake Leonard to take the lead in the bottom of the first frame.

Sierra Foothill answered with a single and the batter advanced to third on an error. Solomon loaded the bases and the Giants proceeded to hit a single scoring two. Sierra Foothill scored two more in the inning on a passed ball and a throwing error which moved the score to 4-1.

With two out in the bottom of the second, Jordan Elliot delivered a two RBI single scoring Porter Elliot and Mason Giordano to bring his team to within one run.

David Fenton came in for Solomon to pitch with two out in the top of three.

Solomon hit a lead off double, Scotty Sandstadt walked, Fenton singled which scored solomon to knott game. Owen Dalbon hit a pop up on the infield which was dropped and Sandstadt scored. Fenton then scored on a passed ball good for a 6-4 Angels lead. Bear River then blew the game open when Dylan Sinclair walked. Dalbon scores on passed ball, Bradford drew a walk, Jordan Elliot hit an RIB single which drove in Sinclair. Leonard kept the rally alive with a two RBI single. Leonard scored on a passed ball to extended the Angels lead to 11-4.
 Solomon hit a double in the fifth and scored the teams final run when Sandstadt drove him in with a single.

BR Dodgers vs PV Giants

The Dodgers went into the fifth inning without a hit on the night but still had three runs and trailed by only one run at 4-3. Dylan Scott drew a walk as did Bradley Dzioba and both scored to take the lead at 5-4, again without a hit.

Matt Hayward of the Penn Valley Giants knotted the game with a two out home-run off Dodgers starting pitcher Dzioba. Josiah Cregar relieved Dzioba who threw 85 pitches on the night and closed out the inning.

Seth Robinson led off the top of the sixth making it aboard by way of an error. Cregar delivered a single to right for the first Bear River hit. Jaden Gravatt struck-out but the Giants catcher dropped the ball and he made it safe at first while Robinson scored the go ahead run. Harry Zea got the second and final hit of the game for the Dodgers with the bases loaded, which scored two, the final two runs were delivered by Trae Nix who made it aboard by way of an error.

Cregar took to the hill to close the game in the sixth where he delivered two strike-outs and a 1-3 put out for the 10-5 win.

With both Bear River teams winning they will now play each other on Friday night at 7:30 in Rocklin.


In second round minors TOC action in Newcastle on Monday night the Bear River Royals defeated the Mid-Placer Giants by a score of 7-6.

Austin Breyer started and went 3 2/3 for the win. Brandon Sorenson came into to close out the Giants. Both players combined on a 2 hitter. Shane Boyer had the biggest hit of the game; a base clearing double to the wall in left as the Royals scored 5 in the first and hold onto to win 7-6. Next game vs. either Nevada City or Tri Cities in the Minor TOC Semi Final Thursday at 5:30 in Newcastle.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Bear River's regular season has concluded but three teams remain playing. Tonight all three teams will take to the field in the District 11 Tournament of Champions. The minor Royals will take on Mid-Placer in Newcastle at 5:30 while the major Angels and major Dodgers will take to the field in Rocklin at 5 and 7:30 respectively.

The Royals defeated the Sierra Foothill Athletics on Saturday by a score of 5-3.

The Bear River Angels take on the Sierra Foothill Giants (16-8) team. The teams played once this spring to a 12-5 Angels win. The Giants come into today's game on a three game win streak while the Angels have won 18 consecutive contests.

The Dodgers will play the Penn Valley Giants team. This is a rematch game from May 5, 2012 where the Dodgers dropped the Giants by a score of 4-3.

If both the Angels and Dodgers win their respective contests they would play each other in the second round. Therefore eliminating a team from their own league in the second round, the very same day most teams begin the TOC tournament.