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Once you've determined that you're ready to buy, it's time to begin thinking about where you want to look. Nevada County is a very geographically diverse county. It has snow, mountains, large conifers and oaks, open rolling hills, dense forests, rivers, streams, lakes. The Yuba River is the boundary to the north and Bear River to the south.

The county's largest city is Grass Valley with a population just over 12,000.

There are many questions you must answer about the type of house you want to purchase. For example, are you interested in an older home or a new one? How big of a home do you need? Would you like to move closer to certain major roads or shopping?

Location Is Everything

Do you want to live in a particular city or neighborhood? If you're a parent, you're probably considering school districts (Nevada County schools) and other child-friendly options like the proximity to parks. If you're relocating to an unfamiliar area, you can contact the city (Click Nevada City,   Grass Valley,   Nevada County) for information about the community. It's a good idea to investigate crime statistics per neighborhood when you're narrowing down the areas of your home search.

Or perhaps location is the reason why you're buying in the first place -- to move closer to your work, your spouse's work or your extended family, or to live within a particular school district's zone. As you're probably aware, the location of your home can have a dramatic effect on its price.

A general rule of thumb in Nevada County is, as you move up the hill the prices also move upward.

Size Matters

You may have experienced growing pains in your current home, which prompted you to pursue buying a new abode. Or you're entering a self-employed profession and need a home office. Consider all your space requirements before you start searching for a new home. There's no reason to waste time looking at two-bedroom condos when you really need a four-bedroom house.

Locating Listings

Once you've narrowed down the specifics of your ideal home, where do you find listings? By contacting me.

Scott Hopper - Realtor, 530-477-2277

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