Sunday, June 17, 2012


Happy Father's Day to you if you are a father, but if you are not, you probably have one. So give your father a call and let him know you are thinking about him and you care. 

I recall a time when I cut my foot by stepping on a broken bottle, I was about 10. My father took care of me by rushing me to the hospital. I lost a lot of blood on the 30 minute drive to the not so local emergency room. The doctor told us I had nearly severed the tendons to three toes. It was a traumatic event in my life. While it was the doctor who stitched me up, it was my father who was calm and collect when I needed him. Thank you dad.

You may not know, Father's Day is accompanied by a smaller total number of phone calls, greeting cards and gifts than Mother's Day. It is speculated that this is due to the greater number of households with a mother than households with a father (due to single mothers), to the greater role of mothers in housework, and to historical advantage - Mother's Day began in 1870 and became official in 1914 while Father's Day only became official in 1972.

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