Saturday, June 30, 2012


Recently my family added two new members. They were a mother and daughter from the Rough and Ready area. We gave them their own space as well as their own food. The reason I'm writing this in the past tense is we kicked them out and sent them back to Wolfgang. While most of the family loved and embraced them one family member really didn't care for the two of them. We had to keep them apart. We though it was going to be a good fit for us but Dyson our four year old dog had the mother pygmy goat pinned to the ground  by the throat, so we acted in the best interest of Sophie and Maggie and sent them to greener pastures. They did not stay very long (four days) nor did they eat much of the tall native grasses for which was the impetus for us to break the Alta Sierra CCRs. They were very sweet girls but the dog came first.

I have to run, back to weed eating!

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