Sunday, June 17, 2012


I have been known to spend the summer chasing, and sometimes catching and releasing the big Browns that lurk in the Truckee river and it's tributaries. And this summer will be no different, I hope.
14" rainbow at dawn

 I have fished the river's cold and dangerous waters from Lake Tahoe to the Nevada state-line over the course of the past six years. I know the waters well, I do have a few favorite holes but I often look for new spots to fish.

31" brown
 This summer I will target a stretch of water (secret for now) that I have never fished. I will report back in August or sooner if it goes well. My immediate advise for fisherman who have a desire to fish the Truckee, do not get into the water as it is fast and the rocks are slick, never go alone and when the sun hits the water go deep or preferably go home.

In the mean time I have provided a video link (below), to give you an idea as to what I'm going after and why I'm excited. 

Tight lines and enjoy.

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