Saturday, June 9, 2012


It was reported that within Lincoln's Little League their batters have hit over 100 home-runs this spring. Their fences are 220 feet and the Padres have over 23 as a team this season.


Charles Middleton: Padres - 10
Preston Eklund: Giants - 10
Chad Bagwell: Yankees - 9
Gregory Pallas: Padres - 7
James Sweet: Giants - 7
Cade Borgerson: Yankees - 6
Ryan Graham: Yankees - 5
Michael Hamp: Red Sox - 5
Leo Martinez: Rangers - 5

While some people wonder why would a league publicly share such information on their website. This kids like to see their names and accomplishments for one.

Another argument I hear against posting is, other teams can scout your players. Really scouting little league teams? Even if a manager went that far, pitchers who have very little command of where the ball goes still have to pitch to them.

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