Sunday, May 20, 2012


Haypress Creek in Eastern Nevada County, near Sierra City can be described as a granite plunge-pool stream from where it enters the Yuba River up to the swimming areas by the Wild Plum Campground where you will find catch-able rainbows that are planted throughout the summer. Here you will find more people than wild fish.

I will encourage you to hike into Haypress Valley which is the headwaters of Haypress creek. Here you will find brook trout in the 6-8 inch range.

Free parking is available before the bridge to Wild Plum Campground. Follow Wild Plum Loop Trail in either direction to the junction with Haypress Creek Trail. Turn up the trail to the east following the creek.

The best fishing can be found 3/4 of a mile below Long Valley Creek, or just below the four wheel drive dirt road. If you get to the road you have gone to far.

The trail itself, is relatively easy for the first mile. Then it follows a logging road for the next mile or so and then it enters a forest with mature trees as it approaches the meadow. Once you enter the meadow, set up your rods with an ant pattern and drink some water as you will be exposed to the sun while fishing. The grass is tall (long pants are a good idea) so as you approach the bank stay hidden within the grass. While the brook trout are wild, they are very catch-able as long as you have not been seen. Nothing very large I may add, but well worth the walk.


  1. Thanks for the great tip Scott and the detailed directions!

  2. I used to fish Haypress as a kid. Beautiful setting, great fishing, but beware of the mosquitos! That said, I'd be there right now if only I had a Star Trek transporter......



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