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On Saturday June 9 at 10 a.m. the Bear River Giants (17-1) take on BR Angels (9-6) to conclude season play, the teams were due to play on March 24 but it was called due to rain.

During the regular season the Angels did drop the Auburn Brewers in a 9-8 contest and the Brewers were the only team to defeat the Giants all season. The game will have no post season implication, but to 13 and 14 year old boys, Bear River bragging rights could possibly have more value.

The Giants who are managed by Earl Cross are expected to represent Bear River Little League in the District 11 Tournament of Champions where they will play Lincoln on June 18, 6 p.m. at Tri City Little League.


The Bear River Angels (15-1) look to have two tough games of their remaining three contests. First of which is the Penn Valley Padres followed by the Grass Valley Giants both games will be played on the road. The Angels look to have a lock as Bear River's top seed for the TOC. which starts June 18th.

The BR Dodgers (8-5) hold a game lead in the loss column over the BR Giants with four games to play. Of the remaining contests none look to be easy. The Grass Valley Giants may be the team that could spoil their TOC bid. The Giants are a well coached team with a very dominant pitcher, this game could go either way. The Dodgers will host the Giants after a 12 day layoff on June 1 at 7 p.m.

The Bear River Giants (9-6) can not afford to to drop another game as they attempt to play catch up to the Dodgers in the rankings. BRLL only sends it's top two teams into the post season tournament. The Giants will not only have to go through the GV Giants in one of their last four games, but their season's playoff hopes could very well come down to their very last game. The Giants are scheduled to host the Cubs of Grass Grass Valley (12-3) on June 13 at 7 p.m. The Cubs are a well coached ball team without a true standout player, they have posted 158 runs while giving up 57, with many players contributing.

The Bear River Athletics (5-6) have five remaining games to be played on their schedule and three of which are very strong teams. They will play the Nevada City Red Sox, Grass Valley's Cubs as well as the Penn Valley Padress to close out their season.


The Yankees are the clear favorite but they do face three top minor's teams of their remaining five. Sierra Foothill A's could give the Yankees a real test on May 31 then they take on Bear River's top scoring team the Cards and then they close out their regular season schedule with the BR Giants.

Typically the Bear River TOC tournament starts right after the regular season games are over and the winner of that inter-league tournament receives the bid to to compete at the District 11 TOC.

The Giants, Royals, Tigers and Cardinals are all within a game of each other and at this point it is anyone guess who will be standing at the end of this year's tournament.

Click here  for the Junior, Major as well as Minor's District 11 TOC brackets.

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