Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My daughter has been alive for over 14 years and she has never had a physical injury. She plays competitive basketball, volleyball as well as swim team, she rides bikes, hikes, climbs trees, spins and jumps around like most kids all without injury. But on her 5,260th day on earth, she was playing like usual with a friend and hurt her hand. It turned a deep shade of blue within a few hours. The following afternoon, she was given her first x-ray, as suggested by Dr. Todd Bouchier of the Sierra Nevada Medical Group in Grass Valley, who delivered her the news of a broken bone in her right hand. 
As summer approaches, she may have her schedule placed on hold depending on recovery time. Her scheduled is packed. She has plans to play on the Bear River High School freshman summer basketball team, swim on the Piranha's swim team and play volleyball for Bear River Parks and Rec., not to mention taking a trip to Washington D.C. and New York with her 8th grade class from Magnolia Intermidiate school, as well as a trip to Los Angeles with the family. Her spirits are still intact. She is planning to keep all of her commitments as she has been told she will be ready to go in 30 days. That is if her 18 year old cousin, who had been an intern at a orthopedic surgeon office for two consecutive summers has made the right diagnosis.

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