Sunday, June 30, 2013


On Sunday evening in the first round of the District 11 major All-Star tournament Bear River took it on the chin as Rocklin Little League took it over the wall 7 times on way to a 24-2 final.

Bear River trailed 3-0 as they came off the field in the top of the first inning behind John Pallanger who started on the bump. BR answered with three up three down with two strikeouts.

Rockiln's leadoff hitter Zafarro went yard in the second to extend the lead to 6-0. Brandon Sorensen relieves in the second who gives up lead off double to Gohl followed by a home run which extended the lead to 8-0. Wray of Rocklin delivered a solo shot for 9-0 lead. Reid Zolldan relieved with 1 out in the second when Coresetti went deep  to further extend the lead to 11-0. Logan Jenkins was called to the hill next with 2 outs. Jenkins gets out of the second frame with the score at 13-0 with a strikeout.

BR's first hit was delivered by Christiansen which broke Rockilin's no hitter hopes with an infield single but they failed to hit him home. Jenkins returned to the bump in the 3rd when  Dione homered for an 18-0 lead. Mason Giordano was the next BR pitcher called to the bump with 1 out until David Aldrich was called to relieve at 20-0.  Aldrich delivered a pitch to Garret of Rocklin who proceeded to drive it out of the park for a 23 -0 lead.

 Ethan Warner also gave up a solo home run in top 4 for a 24-0 score.

 Zoldan made it aboard in the bottom 4 by way of error and Jenkin's double put BR on the board by scoring Zoldan. Bear River's catcher Jacob Rivett singled to bring Jenkins home for the final run of the game.

Bear River will take to the field on Monday at 7:30 when they will suit up against Auburn who was 10 run ruled by Lincoln in a win or go home game.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


In the opening round match-up between the Bear River Little League's and Foresthill Little League's 10/11 All-Star teams, it was the pair of Calebs who's stars shined the brightest under the scorching Lincoln sun. While it was Bear River's early offensive output that led to a 5 run first inning which lifted BR to a 13-2 victory. 

It was Caleb Edward's and Caleb Hurst's savvy if not dominant pitching performance that kept the Foresthill squad in check from the first pitch to the last. The Calebs combined for 7 K's over a 4 inning spread, allowing only 4 hits and three walks in the process. 

On the offensive side, it was also a tale of two Calebs with Edwards going 2 for 4 including a monster double off the fence in left center, while Hurst added 2 hits of his own in 3 at-bats, while delivering a team-leading 3 RBI's. Other Bear River players that got in on the hit parade contributing an additional 6 RBI's included Porter Elliott, Ryan Bradford, Dylan Scott, Brekyn Vasquez, Alex Bohn and Jeremy Rodrigues.

 It was a solid all around effort for the entire Bear River team which was aided by sound defense along with 5 stolen bases in the contest. 

With the victory, the Bear River 10/11 team will move to the next round where they will face the winner of Saturday night's Rocklin vs Lincoln game. 


The Penn Valley Intermediate All-Stars not only battled the 108 degree heat. They had to battle a team from Antelope which had scored 33 and 24 runs in their district semi-final and final's contest. Starting pitcher for the Penn Valley team Aaron Sassville slowed Antelope but their bats and long ball were just too much for PV as they fell 16-7 in the seven inning contest in the Section 6 semi-final game.

It was a battle of the home run. Antelope delivered 3 in the game including back to back homers in the bottom of the second which extended their lead to 11-1 and it looked as if the game was destined to go by way of the mercy rule. PV's one run was scored by Dean Hopper who made it aboard with two outs in the top of the 2nd on a 4 pitch walk, he moved to second on a double to right by Josiah Cegar and scored on a single by Matt Hayward.

The Penn Valley All-Stars battled in the 4th inning to cut the lead to 12-7 on a home run by Sassville along with a few hits (sorry boys I was into the game too much to remember what happened) and a few errors by Antelope. Sam Hopper also hit a home run later in the game.

Pitchers for PV in the loss; Sassville, Sam Hopper, Ryan Schmittel, Wyatt Hook and James Nolan.

The Penn Valley Intermediate All-Stars are back on the diamond at El Dorado Hills for a 5 p.m. contest today where they will take on the loser of the 1 p.m. game which is between Antelope and EDH.

Friday, June 28, 2013


ol'Republic Brewery of Nevada City had entered a few of their beers into the 2013 California State Fair Commercial Beer Competition where they were awarded 5 medals in there first competition. Congratulations to Jim and Simon for being recognized for your efforts over the past 16 months.

Medals awarded:

Category: English IPA
Medal: Gold
Beer: English IPA

Category: Schwarzbier
Medal: Silver
Beer: Bavarian Black Lager

Category: California Common
Medal: Silver
Beer: California Amber Lager

Category: American Stout
Medal: Silver
Beer: Export Stout

Category: Dortmunder
Medal: Bronze
Beer: Dead Canary

The Brewer's statement-
The mission of ol’ Republic Brewery is to provide everyone who enjoys a great beer with world-class, quality handcrafted ales and lagers. After all, the name ‘Republic’ is derived from the Greek ‘res publica’ which translates as ‘for the people’. Hence the catchy slogan; Beer for the People!

If you are looking for a very well crafted beer in Northern California there is none better.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


If you have driven around Alta Sierra lately you have surely see signs which are saying no to the mandatory HOA fees which are being proposed by the current Board of Directors.

There is a group of residents in the neighborhood of over 3000 homes who have organized a Voice Your Opinion night on Friday June 28th at 6:30 at Alta Sierra Pizza.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Penn Valley Little League is proud to announce their 2013 Intermediate division All-Stars. The boys are from Bear River, Nevada City as well as Penn Valley Little League.  The local team will play in the Section tournament Friday at New York Creek Park in El Dorado Hills where they will suit up against a team from Antelope who represents District 6 while the Penn Valley All-Stars will represent District 11. 


Aaron Sasville, Sam Hopper, Nick Simms, Matt Hayward, Wyatt Hook, Ryan Schmittel, Wyatt Williges, Josia Cregar, Trae Nix, Peytom McGovern, Niki South, Dean Hopper and James Nolen.

This is the first year for this type of Little League team as well as the tournament where the pitcher throws from 50 feet and the base runners run 70 feet. The division is also know as 50/70. Click here for Little League International's FAQs.

During the regular season this same team played under the name of the Dirtbags often playing many doubleheaders on Sundays throughout the spring. The Union Newspaper ran a game story on April 17 (click here to read). All the boys played on the "Bags" as well as playing for either a Majors or Juniors team.

Steve Smith who is District 11's District Administrator has been very supportive to this newly developed Little League product which holds it's inaugural World Series in Livermore CA. July 30 to August 5th. There will be 10 teams from around the world competing at this event, 6 teams from the US (Central, East, Southeast, Southwest, West, and Host team from CA District 57) as well as 4 International teams (Asia-Pacific, Canada, Latin America, and Puerto Rico).

Please check back as I will post the team's progress on the journey to Livermore California.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Silva Acres disk golf course in Nevada City is holding a "Gathering" this Sunday June 30th. It is a bring your own partner disc golf tournament (starting at 8:00 am going all day), but more importantly from 12 to 3pm. "I've invited people from all walks of life to come enjoy some delicious tacos, community and being outside."Truk Jantz who is the course director at Silva Acres said.   "I'd love to meet you, your family, and your friends!"

How does one find the course?Exit HWY 49N at Broad St. in Nevada City, CA. Exit right and continue straight onto Boulder St. Turn right onto Park Ave. Turn right on Max Solaro Dr. Park toward the back of the parking lot. Walk behind the parking lot and cross the bridge. The property is gated and the entrance is directly across the creek from the BBQ Area.
R.S.V.P preferred - Please call Jantz at (818) 253-5986

Saturday, June 22, 2013



The Tri-City Cardinals (A team) defeated the Tri-City Giants 5-2 on back to back home runs by Soto and Webb to the earn the 2013 District 11 major division Tournament of Champions at Colfax.

The Cardinals led 2-0 into second inning when The Giants knotted the score at 2-2 in the third. The Cardinal took a one run lead in the fourth and the then home runs by Soto as well as Webb's 300 foot blast put the nail in the Giants chances of a comeback.

Sierra Foothill put on a great tournament, many thanks goes out the Brandon Bean who is the league's president as well as to Alicia Castorina the tournament's director.

The location was perfect, the new fence and scoreboard were also great. The ground crew did a great job with field prep I hope you have a chance to show off what a great field and city you have in the near future.


Bear River High School's pool is open to the public Monday, Wednesday, Friday and every Saturday from Noon to 3 p.m. until August 2nd.

FEE - $4 for ages 14 and older, $2 for ages 13 and under. Children under the age of 14 must me accompanied by and adult. There is a $35 fee for groups of 10 swimmers.

Lap swimming is also available.

For further information click here or call the sponsor Bear River Rec and Parks District (530) 268-7275

Friday, June 21, 2013


Miner Basketball Camp

June 24-27, 2013
10 am-12:30 PM

Coaching Staff Includes
Nevada Union’s Basketball Staff
Local Middle School Coaches
Nevada Union’s Varsity Team
Areas of Emphasis
Shooting skills

Special Features
Free T-Shirt
Individual Instruction
Top Notch Coaching and Evaluation

Camp Application

Name _________________________________ T-Shirt Size (Men’s) S M L XL
Address ________________________________________________________________
City ____________________________________ State _______ Zip ________________

Phone# (Home) _______________________ (Work)_____________________________

Age ______________________ Grade as of August 2013________________________
Insurance Carrier _________________________________________________________
List any restrictions or other pertinent medical information, including any allergies to food or drugs_________________________________________
I/we agree to assume all risk of injury and to hold Nevada Joint Union High School District, their agents and employees, the camp directors and staff, harmless from any liability which may arise in connection with the clinic. I/we represent that I/we have health coverage for the participant, as indicated below. I/we grant permission to camp directors for emergency medical treatment/hospitalization if necessary.
I have read and understand this agreement:

Parent/Guardian ____________________________________ Date ________________

Insurance Company: ______________________________ Policy # ________________

MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: Nevada Union Boys’ Basketball

MAIL TO: Miner Basketball, 11761 Ridge Road, Grass Valley, CA 95945

Thursday, June 20, 2013


  • I'm posting this for a friend.
  • For years this farm has strived to support the local community by producing quality fruits and vegetables. We have actively supported the local food bank, provided flowers to hospice, invited the public out to experience the farm with our U Pick, hosted the Twin Cities Run for the Community, and much more.
    For those of you who don’t know me, my name is George Loftus. I am a
    fifth generation farmer in Nevada County. My family has farmed here for
    over 100 years. My great Uncle, Joel Bierwagen, started SunSmile Farms 75
    years ago. SunSmile Farms is a 70 acre Certified Organic farm located at
    the end of West Drive in Grass Valley, CA.
    Today, the farm is about to go out of business. In August 2011, NID
    turned the water off to the farm causing irreparable damage. The farm’s
    perennial stock, the trees and berries, was severely damaged. We grew
    nearly 400 thousand plants in our gardens at the time the water was turned
    off. The farm was devastated. In Spring 2012, I brought in a water truck
    to water 41,000 onions and 12,500 heads of garlic. Most of the onions and
    garlic were unmarketable or rejected for wholesale seed.
    Our operation used to consist of a Farmstand that was open 6 days a week,
    U Pick cherries, peaches, and blackberries, CSA, and Farmers Market. The
    Farmstand is now open on occasional weekends just to sell peaches. We
    still have U Pick peaches, but the U Pick cherries, blueberries and
    raspberries are gone. The trees and plants have died. In 2012, we had to
    cancel the CSA subscriptions as we were unable to plant our gardens. We
    are unable to plant our gardens because we don’t have a consistent supply
    of water. The water was restored in mid June 2012 and we have had
    continuing problems with our service. NID sleeved the pipe to repair the
    leak and installed a new box to turn off the water. November 2012, they
    crushed the old service box and reconfigured a new one. I still contend
    that I am not receiving the water I historically had. It is an ongoing
    NID acknowledged they were wrong and told me to file a claim. My wife and
    I spent countless hours going through my records to calculate the damages.
    I then hired a forensic accountant to verify the calculations according
    to my harvest and sale records. This took considerable time. In January
    2013, I sent the damage estimates for the perennial stock (trees and
    berries) to the NID Board of Directors. They rejected my claim saying
    that it was untimely. I was hoping for an early settlement.
    My attorney contacted the NID insurance adjuster and let them know of the
    rejected claim and made arrangements for them to tour the farm. I was
    contacted by a forensic pathologist who visited the farm 3 weeks ago. We
    met for 5 hours. No word so far.
    If I am unable to reach an early settlement by July 23, I will be forced
    into filing a lawsuit. To date, I am requesting damages for the loss of
    the trees and berries. If I am forced into litigation, I will include the
    damages for the annuals, the gardens, the flowers, and the year of being
    Now we are at a crossroads. Due to the damage caused by the situation
    with NID and our water supply, we may soon be forced to go out of
    business. As the owner and farmer of SunSmile Farms, I am asking for the
    support of the community to voice their concern and request NID to take
    responsibility for their actions and compensate SunSmile Farms for the
    damage caused.
    Please contact the NID Board of Directors. Send letters, emails, and
    phone calls. We have postcards you can fill out and send in. These
    postcards are available at the farm, in the “Take One” box mounted on the
    sign out front.
    Anyone willing to distribute postcards, please contact us by email
    ( and we will make arrangements.
    Please forward this email to your friends.
    Thank you,
    Constituents wishing to contact members of the board are invited to e-mail
    the directors at the addresses listed below or contact Board Secretary
    Lisa Francis Tassone (273-6185, ext. 222), who will be happy to put you in
    contact with your elected representative.
    Nancy Weber
    Director, Division I (Term of Office Expires in 2014)
    John H. Drew
    Director, Division II (Term of Office Expires in 2014)
    W. Scott Miller, MD
    Director, Division III (Term of Office Expires in 2016)
    Jim Bachman
    Director, Division IV (Term of Office Expires in 2014)
    Nick Wilcox
    Director, Division V (Term of Office Expires in 2016)


The time has come. My parents are selling their home of 30 plus years. The very same home where I lived as a child. My parents moved us into the home in the summer between first and second grade. It was a great place to grow up as it sits on a lake in rural Michigan with miles of dense woods to explore.

I fished Round Lake from my parents canoe when it was not under ice, shot thousands of baskets in the hoop in the back yard, threw countless touchdowns to my brothers on a flag route towards the Lilac bush which won many Super Bowls with only seconds to play.

My father and I would listen to longtime Detriot Tiger announcer Ernie Harwell when he called names like Bill Freehan, Mark (the Bird) Fidrich, Sweet Lou Whitaker, Alan Tramell and Prince Fielder which came though the airwaves. In 1984 the Tigers won the World Series which was a great season for me as a high school senior.

My high school days revolved around friends and sports although I do not keep in touch with many friends who still reside in the Jackson area I remember them fondly.

My parents where one of the first year around residents on Little Dr. in the early 1970's. They saw growth to the once dirt road which was filled with potholes. It is now paved. They also saw the grass was truly greener over the septic tank until they got a sewer line. They added on to their house as they added to the number of dogs which they continue to raise.

I remember the winter of 1975 as it was the best winter of my childhood. The snow was so deep it closed school for an entire week.

The wind blew the largest snow drifts. They were so large we dug tunnels and slithered through them for countless hours.

I hit my first home run on this field while playing for the Horton Little League Tigers. There were no fences back then and only a back stop.

My high school Alma Mater has won 42 state championships since 1975. I recall walking into those doors to the gym at 6:30 am. for basketball practice. This next summer will be my 30th high school reunion an event which would be nice to attend but without the house on the lake I'm sure I will not go.

Seeing a For Sale sign in front of my childhood home makes me feel a bit empty but the memories will always put a smile on my face. In life we must continue to grow and I hope my parents new home in the Southwest will grow as strong roots for them as their our house did for me.

I saw the Wizard of Oz for the first time with my mom in this home and Dorthy said it best. There is no place like home.

Thank you Mom and Dad for showing me what the true meaning of a home is.


The 17th annual California WorldFest is July 11–14, 2013 and features eight stages of music and dance from around the world, camping with family and friends, workshops, international food, fine crafts, and the renowned children's program... celebrate mid-summer with us under the cool, tall pines of the Sierra foothills.

DescriptionVisit our website to purchase tickets!

Pink Martini video

Pink Martini ~ A World Music Adventure
Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers - Rock 'n Jazz 'n AmericanaBruce Cockburn ~ Canadian Songwriter/Guitarist
Vieux Farka Touré ~ Malian Desert Blues, Funk, Reggae
Delhi 2 Dublin ~ Bhangra, Celtic, & Electronica
Yemen Blues ~ Dancing Soul, Blues, World & Roots
Alison Brown Quartet ~ Banjo WorldGrass
Moshav ~ Israeli Folk/Rock
Tibetan Monks ~ Drepung Loseling Monastery
Badi Assad Band ~ Brazilian Guitar & Vocals
Alasdair Fraser ~ Scottish Fiddle Maestro
Martha Redbone Roots Project ~ Native Americana
Mamajowali ~ AfroAmericana
Rita Hosking & Cousin Jack ~ Roots & Country Folk
Brothers Comatose ~ String Wizards
RUNA - Celtic & Step Dance
Jeffery Broussard & the Creole Cowboys - Zydeco & Cajun
Brittni Paiva - Hawaiian Ukulele
Y La Bamba - Latin Art & Indie Pop
Incendio ~ Latin Guitar World Fusion
Masanga Marimba ~ Afro-Latin Marimba
Leftover Cuties - Jazz Pop

Leftover Cuties video

Briga - Gypsy Folk
The Novelists - WorldFest Fan Choice 2013
MaMuse - Acoustic Folk
Banana Slug String Band - Eco Masters
Professor Merloch Silvermaine ~ Magic Man

Phone(530) 891-4098

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Lincoln's Harry Rounds hits one of the games five home runs

Chase Webb of the Tri-City Cardinals delivered a shot over the right field fence which never got more than 15 feet off the ground in the second inning which moved the score to 5-0. Webb also started on the bump for his team in which he earned the win in the 15-5 game by throwing only 35 pitches. #11 entered the game in relief.

The coaching strategy looked like it was going to come back on the Cards as Coats, Lincoln's catcher hit a three run double to right field which cut into the Tri-City lead at 5-3.

The Cardinals proceeded to load the bases in the following frame and this time it was Soto who it the ball over the left field fence moving the score to 9-3.

Webb hit his second home run of the game in the fifth which was last seen going into the trees in center field which cleared the 200 foot fence by at least 80 feet.

Webb missed his third home run of the game by six inches in his final at bat but Soto's bat had a little extra pop as he delivered his second dinger of the game which moved the score to 15-3 in the fifth.

The Cardinals went to the bull pen as their first relief pitcher #11 reached 34 pitches. The Tri-City manager called on #8 who pitched well but did make one mistake while facing Harry Rounds.

Rounds gave Brave's fans something to cheer about as hit a towering blast over the left field fence which resulted in two runs.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


In the late game on Tuesday night it was the team from Lincoln which ran the score to a 12-2 ten run rule contest in five frames behind a dominating pitching outing by Connor of Lincoln in the District 11 Tournament of Champions major division.

Lincoln scored two runs in the first frames as the Rocklin Yankees pitcher walked the first two batters and both scored on breaking balls which landed in the dirt which went to the back stop.

Rozell who hits in the lead off spot for Lincoln broke the game wide open with a towering drive to center field which hit Colfax's brand new scoreboard.

Lincoln moves on to the next round while the Rocklin Yankees post season run has come to a close. The Yankees did will this years Top of the Rock tournament by defeating Tri-City's A team by a score of 6-0. So at this point in the tournament it looks as if Lincoln's A team may be the team to beat.


The Sierra Foothill Rockies led the contest with a 2-0 lead in the forth but after a pitching change Tri-City's B team broke the game open with multiple hits as well as a few defensive miss ques by the host team which resulted in SF to trail 7-2. TC's top two hitters delivered back to back long balls which deflated any chance of a come back.

Tri-City's pitching remained strong from the first pitch to the last. #13 for the for TC delivered his team's third homer of the game which landed in the center field trees some 265 feet from the plate to move the score to 10-2. The Rockies miss handled a few balls which gave TC a 12-2 lead in the 6th inning.

Tri-City B will go into Thursday nights contest with one of their top pitcher ready to throw. He did pitch in tonight's game but he stayed under his pitch count as he began his last batter of the game at 34 pitches.

TC's B team will take on Bear River's A team on Thursday night.


Earlier today when I was in Nevada City I took this photograph and posted it to Facebook. Then others posted as well including my wife who was at Folsom Lake. It got me thinking. What caused this to occur, here is what the website explained.

A halo is a ring of light surrounding the sun or moon. Most halos appear as bright white rings but in some instances, the dispersion of light as it passes through ice crystals found in upper level cirrus clouds can cause a halo to have color.

Photograph by: Rauber
Halos form when light from the sun or moon is refracted by ice crystals associated with thin, high-level clouds (like cirrostratus clouds). A 22 degree halo is a ring of light 22 degrees from the sun (or moon) and is the most common type of halo observed and is formed by hexagonal ice crystals with diameters less than 20.5 micrometers.
Light undergoes two refractions as it passes through an ice crystal and the amount of bending that occurs depends upon the ice crystal's diameter.

A 22 degree halo develops when light enters one side of a columnar ice crystal and exits through another side. The light is refracted when it enters the ice crystal and once again when it leaves the ice crystal.

The two refractions bend the light by 22 degrees from its original direction, producing a ring of light observed at 22 degrees from the sun or moon.

Photograph by: Knupp
A tangent arc is a patch of bright light that is occasionally observed along a halo. This occurs when sunlight is refracted by falling hexagonal "pencil-shaped" ice crystals whose long axes are oriented horizontally.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Little League baseball fans you have a real treat coming your way on Wednesday night in Colfax at 5 p.m. The Lincoln Braves who finished second in the Lincoln TOC will take on Tri-City's A team which boasts one of the best 12 year old players in Northern California who's name is Chace Webb.

Webb is so notorious he travels with a nickname. On Wednesday night he is scheduled to start at pitcher. If you hear people chanting "Beast," you will soon know why as he throws very hard and he swings his bat even harder.

What make this third round TOC game so special? It is the Beast will be playing the Braves, a team which also has bragging rights. Of the 12 boys on the roster 7 of them have recorded a home run including Cole Cavarra who hit 9 on the season as well as Harry Rounds who knocked 8. Rounds also hit 2 long balls in their first round TOC game this past weekend. All but 2 players on the Braves play travel baseball.

Lincoln Little League is known for the long ball. In 2013 the boys hit 70 home runs collectively and in 2012 there were  over 100. The center field fence at McBean Park is 220 feet where the newly constructed fence is about 200.

Cavarra and Rounds not only swing a big stick there are also the Lincoln B team's top pitchers as is Webb for Tri-City. Webb has not thrown at this year's TOC tournament as he pitched 85 pitches in the Top of The Rock tournament this past Thursday.

Don't worry Lincoln fans as the Braves have faced dominate pitching this spring as it is said Connor Manley from the Lincoln A team (Phillies) throws just as hard. Every player on the Phillies plays year around travel baseball and 7 of the 12 have hit 2 or more home-runs this season.

Baseball junkies this is a must see game, see you there!


The Bear River Jr Bruins football program is offering a football camp starting today through Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. are having their football camp starting today. The fee is $35 which includes a camp T-shirt and BBQ on the last night. 
Also, on Wednesday night Sweenies Weenies will be offering a $6 meal deal for parents and friends from the back of their weenie cart. 


Have you wondered what equipment you need to start fly fishing? In episode #7 Hank Patterson explains not only your equipment needs but also the costs associated with your new found hobby.

Hank is a funny guy but not everything he says is relevant. But when crazy Reese says something take note!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Cole Winter delivered big throwing a two hitter on 46 pitches as well as delivering two hit at the plate for the Bear River Brewers in their first round 12-2 victory in the District 11 Tournament of Champions in Colfax over the Penn Valley Cubs on Sunday night. Anthony Vierra also added two hits including the hardest hit ball of the game which two hopped the center field fence which resulted in a double.

The Brewers bats came to life as they started the bottom of the second with a single by Trae Nix then Vierra's singled, Winters and Elliot Bouchier singled which moved the score to 3-0. Noah Gravatt walked, Bouchier moved the score to 4-0 as he scored on a wild pitch. Colby Lunsford who walked scored on a single by Josiah Cregar to end the second frame with the Brew Crew taking the lead 5-0.

Winters threw 27 pitches through 3 with no hits.

Penn Valley made a pitching change in bottom of the third with no outs after walking the first two batters. Bouchier made it aboard by way of error which drove home Vierra. Winter and Josh Howser followed with singles. Lunsford singled to right driving home Bouchier then Jeremy Rodriguez drove home Howser on a fielders choice. Brewers led 9-0 end of 3.

The Cubs got on the board with a lead off single in the top of the fourth and later in the inning their number 3 hitter also singled driving home their first run of the inning. Penn Valley also scored on a Brewers fielding error.

In the final inning of the game Vierra hit a double which drove home Nix who made it aboard via a hit by pitch. Winter singled and Vierra scored on a single by Howser followed by a walk then Dylan Scott delivered a walk off infiled single off infield single which put the 10 run rule into effect. 

The Brew Crew will be back on the field at the Colfax ball field on Thursday at 6 pm where they will take on the winner of the Sierra Foothill Rockies and Tri-City's B team. Tri-City defeated the Penn Valley White Sox 10-0 in five innings of play on Saturday.


The Bear River A's fall 7-0 to Lincoln's A team on Saturday. Lincoln delivered two home runs in the win.


Bear River's top Minors team fell 10-0 in four innings of play on  Saturday when playing Penn Valley in the annual Tournament of Champions at Mid-Placer. Penn Valley's starting pitcher threw a no-hit shutout as he over whelmed the Marlins.


Bear River Little League announced their 2013 All-star rosters on Saturday June 15, 3013.

The Major All-stars

Reid Zoldan
Nathan Van Patten
Jacob Rivett
David Aldrich
Jacob Whitman
Damian Christen
John Pallenger
Ethan Warner
Branden Sorenson
Logan Jenkins
Mason Giordano
Connor Castorina
Josh Howser

Manager - Dave Aldrich

10/11 Year Old All-stars

Alex Bohn
Ryan Bradford
Porter Elliott
Caleb Hurst
Brekyn Vasquez
Caleb Edwards
Mason Harrison
Dillon Scott
Jeremy Rodrigues
John Luzzi
Justin Powell
Blaynne Rogers

Manager - Dave Elliott

9/10 Year Old All-stars

Braden Fowler
Colton Jenkins
Tyler Knox
Shane Clinkenbeard
Connor Tidd
Anthony Vierra
Cole Winters
Nathan Wilson (Indians)
Daniel Bamburg
Colby Lunsford
Brennan Schad
Mathew Sandstedt

Manager - Rich Knox

Friday, June 14, 2013


An exceptional effort by Dean Hopper spurred the Bear River Tigers to a 20-16 win in six innings over the Sierra Foothill Angels on Friday.

Dean Hopper hits his second HR of the game to knot the score at 16-16

Hopper racked up eight RBIs on four hits for the Tigers. He tripled in the second inning, doubled in the fourth inning, and homered in the first and fifth innings.
The Bear River found themselves down in the third inning but managed to fight back and claim the win.

Brennan Schad racked up five RBIs on two hits for the Tigers. He tripled in the fourth inning and doubled in the sixth inning.
The two teams combined for 36 runs and 22 hits, including 11 extra base hits. Both bullpens were busy with 13 pitchers used in the game as the skippers of both squads tried to finish it off.
The Bear River handled the Angels pitching as six hitters combined for nine hits, 14 RBIs and 15 runs scored.
Seven relief pitchers finished off the game for the Tigers. Mason Giordano faced six batters in relief, while Connor Castorina managed to record three outs to aid the victory.
The top of the first saw the Bear River LL Major Tigers take an early lead, 2-0. A two-run blast by Dean, plating Braden Fowler started the inning off.
Sierra Foothill scored six runs of their own in the first. The Angels scored on a walks in the early going.
The Tigers pushed three runs across in each of the second, third and fifth. In the second, Bear River scored on a groundout by Alexander Bohn, scoring Connor Tidd.
The Angels quickly matched Bear River's strong inning with a six-run inning of their own in the second.
It didn't take long for the Angels to answer as they scored four runs of their own in the third. Sierra Foothill scored on a walk and a three-run double.

The Tigers never surrendered the lead after the sixth inning, scoring four runs on a two-run double by Schad, an error, and a steal of home by Brekyn Vasquez.
Vasquez was the final pitcher in the 3 plus hour contest who earned the win on a double play ground ball to second baseman Braden Fowler who threw the ball to shortstop Hopper how proceeded to throw the ball for the game's final out to Caleb Hurst at first.