Thursday, June 20, 2013


The time has come. My parents are selling their home of 30 plus years. The very same home where I lived as a child. My parents moved us into the home in the summer between first and second grade. It was a great place to grow up as it sits on a lake in rural Michigan with miles of dense woods to explore.

I fished Round Lake from my parents canoe when it was not under ice, shot thousands of baskets in the hoop in the back yard, threw countless touchdowns to my brothers on a flag route towards the Lilac bush which won many Super Bowls with only seconds to play.

My father and I would listen to longtime Detriot Tiger announcer Ernie Harwell when he called names like Bill Freehan, Mark (the Bird) Fidrich, Sweet Lou Whitaker, Alan Tramell and Prince Fielder which came though the airwaves. In 1984 the Tigers won the World Series which was a great season for me as a high school senior.

My high school days revolved around friends and sports although I do not keep in touch with many friends who still reside in the Jackson area I remember them fondly.

My parents where one of the first year around residents on Little Dr. in the early 1970's. They saw growth to the once dirt road which was filled with potholes. It is now paved. They also saw the grass was truly greener over the septic tank until they got a sewer line. They added on to their house as they added to the number of dogs which they continue to raise.

I remember the winter of 1975 as it was the best winter of my childhood. The snow was so deep it closed school for an entire week.

The wind blew the largest snow drifts. They were so large we dug tunnels and slithered through them for countless hours.

I hit my first home run on this field while playing for the Horton Little League Tigers. There were no fences back then and only a back stop.

My high school Alma Mater has won 42 state championships since 1975. I recall walking into those doors to the gym at 6:30 am. for basketball practice. This next summer will be my 30th high school reunion an event which would be nice to attend but without the house on the lake I'm sure I will not go.

Seeing a For Sale sign in front of my childhood home makes me feel a bit empty but the memories will always put a smile on my face. In life we must continue to grow and I hope my parents new home in the Southwest will grow as strong roots for them as their our house did for me.

I saw the Wizard of Oz for the first time with my mom in this home and Dorthy said it best. There is no place like home.

Thank you Mom and Dad for showing me what the true meaning of a home is.

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  1. Coolest of cool description of a very good family home life...thank you for letting us read it - the details & photos are exquisite! For me, it is EXTRA SPECIAL, as my parents only lived to be 30 & 32 and I am only a few years older than you. THANK YOU! I've imagined seeing my athletic, playful, adventuresome young father in a higher place for nearly 40 years...cannot picture a home like you can so YOU are ONE BLESSED MAN for sure!

    Strength and prayers for your parents as they endeavor on their new chapter in life...may it be a lovely space indeed!

    God be near you!


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