Sunday, September 30, 2012


The Bear River Varsity Cross Country teams raced the Stanford Invitational at the Stanford Golf Course in Palo Alto on Saturday.  Both the boys and girls came away with strong performances as some of the best runners in the country gathered to compete in one of the largest Cross Country meets in the U.S.  

The Bruins started the morning with a great race from top male runner Alex Coffman.  He finished the course in a time of 17:03 and placed in the top 50 from a field of 234.  

The Bruins also got a great race from newcomer Patrick Gillis.  

On the Lady Bruins side, Mary Nattrass, Kimmy Pugel, Cecilia Malik, Sierra Mitchell, Hallie Pettitt, Jessica Meylor, and Rachael Olsen raced to a respectable team finish by placing 14th out of a field of 26.  

Mary Nattrass once again proved why she is the top Pioneer Valley League female runner by finishing the 5K course in a time of 20:27 and placing 35th out of a field of 205.  

Up next for the Bruins is The Other Meet at Granite Regional Park in Sacramento on Saturday, October 6th.


The Bear River's Junior Bruin Peewee's team is standing at the doorstep of the post season which is closer than any other Peewee team in BRJB history with their 26-0 win over Placer on Sunday afternoon. This was a rebound game as the BR team was defeated by Lincoln this past Saturday in a one sided affair.

I'm so proud of these boys," coach Cory Cregar said in the post game interview. "They have shown tremendous heart all season."

Josiah Cregar, Noah Gravatt, Clayton Anderson and Daniel Tantem all scored for the Bruins and Dylan Scott caught two passes for 35 yards.

"The defense was awesome not letting Placer in the red zone all game," coach Creagar said.


The Brown Sox hosted the Golden Spikes on Saturday where the visiting team walked away with a pair of wins.

The host team gave up 9 walks in the first inning of the first game falling behind by seven runs at Western Gateway park in Penn Valley. The Golden Spikes of Roseville gave up 4 in the six inning contest where the Brown Sox gave up 16 in the game, falling 15 -10.

In the night cap the Brown Sox looked to have control of the game most of the way leading by three headed into the final frame. Two infield errors and three of the teams 11 walks  gave the Spikes a chance to win the contest with a walk off single with bases loaded.

The Sox fall to 2-4 on the season.

Next up for the boys in brown is a two day tournament in Lincoln Oct 13 and 14.


Let me set the table. A baseball double header, load the truck with fishing/camping gear, drive to Truckee, fish the Little Truckee, drive to the town of Truckee to eat dinner, drive to the Truckee River near Boca, set up the air mattress in the bed of the truck along the train tracks. This was Saturday.

The Little Truckee was very low but we did have the opportunity to catch a couple of very small rainbows.

The Aspen as changing colors

We fished until dark, the walk back the car was well lit by way of the full moon.

Dinner was not the healthiest but oh well!

Sleeping along the banks of the Truckee river sure sounds great unless you are also next to a very active railroad line as we were. Every hour on the hour a train would go by and since we happened to park adjacent to a road crossing, the train blew it's horn everytime. Not the best way to sleep. What made it worse was waking after a restless night with ice on our sleeping bags. 

Once we go moving the fish were awaiting for us.

Once the sun beat down on the river we always leave.

Jax has the best corned beef and eggs in the country.

If that was not enough we fished Donner Lake and Donner Creek on the way home.




Originally priced at $279,000 and now just reduced to $259,900 $251,700 which is $105 $102 per sq. ft.

This is the best price per sq. ft for a newer home in Alta Sierra and very well could be in Nevada County. This home is in this weekends Union Newspaper so act today or you may lose out on this great opportunity.

This weeks Deal of the Day is an Alta Sierra Home which was constructed in 2006 and is over 2400 sq. ft. on 1.45 acres. It has views of a pond, distant ridge line as well as near Alta Sierra School.

The home is a short sale. The bank as well as the current owner would like it sold therefore if you have been looking for a newer, larger home then this 3 bedroom 2.5 bath is ready for you to move in prior to the holidays.

The master suite is nearly 600 feet with jetted tub, double sink, shower along with a walk in closet and nice morning natural light.

There is a two car garage and the home is very clean and well taken care of.

The sellers are ready to make a deal! Call me today at 530.477.2277

Scott Hopper - Realtor, 530-477-2277

"If you enjoy reading my blog, please keep me in mind when you or a friend needs a real estate professional"

Friday, September 28, 2012


This week's Touchdown Productions Game of the Week comes to you from Ali Gymnasium which pits the Nevada Union Miners against the Rocklin Thunder for a first round Sierra Foothill league volleyball match up.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


The Magnolia 8th Grade Lady Rattlers improved to 6-1 on the season with another overtime victory 38-36 over Seven Hills.The Rattlers were led by Summer Brown with 21 points and a tremendous job on the boards.  Ashley Albee scored 14 hard earned points. Grace Sypnicki led the defensive pressure.  The Rattlers will be at home Thursday against Forest Lake Christian.


Two Visions Come Into Focus

President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney hold starkly different views on recent reforms—and on the best way to preserve the American dream.
President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, agree on this: Home ownership is central to the American dream. But in an exclusive REALTOR® Magazine Q&A, the 2012 presidential candidates offer differing takes on how to keep that dream alive. Obama says he has a two-part focus—to prevent a repeat of the lax mortgage practices that led to the housing crisis and ensure that financing remains available to responsible home buyers. Romney says the path to restoring home ownership is through a vibrant economy, which he wants to spur using an across-the-board cut in tax rates and by trimming burdensome rules. Obama also provides a vigorous defense of his signature legislative accomplishment, health care reform, while Romney calls for reforms that promote competition without government intervention.

Home Ownership Incentives

The federal government has historically supported home ownership as a central value of the United States. To what extent do you support preserving federal home ownership incentives, such as the mortgage interest deduction?
Romney: I believe in the American dream of home ownership. The best way to get the housing market going again is to get the economy moving in the right direction. What most struggling home owners need is good, quality jobs, not confusing regulations imposed on lenders. We need policies such as 20 percent across-the-board cuts in tax rates, sensible regulation, and open markets that create a growing economy. Policies like these will help Americans achieve their economic goals, including buying a home.
Obama: Home ownership is a critical component of economic opportunity, and I am committed to keeping responsible home owners in their homes and to ensuring Americans have a fiscally responsible path to home ownership. One of the policies I signed into law as president was an expansion of the first-time homebuyer tax credit that helped more than 2.5 million families purchase a home for the first time. Since I took office, I’ve taken action that—combined with private-sector efforts my administration helped catalyze—enabled more than 5 million home owners to get mortgage modifications, while expanding access to refinancing and targeting investments in the communities hardest-hit by the housing crisis. Now, I’ve put forward a plan to help responsible borrowers refinance their mortgages and save $3,000 per year.

Lending Standards 

Four years after the collapse of the mortgage market, banks continue to limit the availability of mortgage financing in both residential and commercial real estate markets. On the residential side, bank standards often exceed those set by the FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. What steps should the federal government take to change this dynamic, given the broader economy’s reliance on a healthy real estate sector?
Obama: We need to restore trust in the underlying foundation of the mortgage market so borrowers have the confidence to purchase a home and lenders have the confidence to issue a loan, and that’s why we’re mobilizing all tools available to fix our nation’s broken mortgage servicing and foreclosure processing system. To do this, we need to reduce uncertainty in the market so lenders once again provide credit consistent with the standards set forward by the FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. That’s why we’re working through the FHA and with the Federal Housing Finance Agency (the conservator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) to provide greater clarity about lenders’ obligations in making FHA- or GSE-backed loans. We’re also working hard to reduce barriers to refinancing for responsible borrowers, and we’re committed to the same objectives for new originations.
Romney: The most important step the federal government can take to help creditworthy borrowers is to repeal and replace the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. Banks and financial institutions are paralyzed: Regulators are simultaneously directing lenders to reduce risk (i.e., tighten underwriting) and to loosen standards. And many community banks face thousands of pages of new rules (over 8,000 pages at last count), and half of the expected rules proposed by this administration haven’t even been finalized yet. In short, banks are hiring lawyers, not making loans. The rules of the road need to be clarified so that responsible borrowers have access to mortgage credit.

Underwriting Mandates

Federal banking regulators have drafted rules that would go beyond lenders’ restrictive lending policies by setting a minimum down payment amount for home mortgage loans to be considered safe and therefore available at more affordable rates. Where do you stand on the federal government mandating minimum down payment amounts and credit requirements for lenders to apply in their underwriting standards?
Romney: A big part of the problem is that the government, and not the private sector, is the dominant force in mortgage finance today. With taxpayers still on the hook for trillions in mortgage loans, of course the government will continue to play a role in setting some basic minimum lending standards. However, we need to encourage private markets to provide mortgage loans at reasonable interest rates across all market conditions, with simple and understandable contracts for home buyers.
Obama: We’re committed to the goals of Wall Street reform, which includes ending an era of reckless lending by banks without adequate skin in the game. At the same time, we’re committed to maintaining widespread access to mortgage credit for responsible American families, which is the key to providing the middle class with access to home ownership and the key to returning to a robust, but sustainable, housing market recovery.

Health Insurance

The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling to preserve the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate says the penalty for individuals who fail to purchase health insurance falls under the federal government’s authority to levy taxes. If Congress repeals the law, what steps do you propose to address the REALTORS® and millions of other small-business owners and independent contractors for whom affordable health insurance isn’t available in the market?
Obama: Before the Affordable Care Act, too many people went without health care. Self-employed individuals were some of the hardest hit and often vulnerable to being denied coverage based on a pre-existing condition. Because of the law now, it will be illegal for insurance companies to deny you coverage or charge more because of a pre-existing condition. When the law is fully implemented, people who don’t get insurance through an employer, as well as small businesses trying to find coverage for their employees, will be able to shop in new exchanges, where they’ll have the same purchasing power as big businesses and be eligible for tax credits that make coverage affordable. The law isn’t perfect. We are always willing to work with people of both parties to strengthen it, but we cannot go backwards.
Romney: We can fix the challenges facing our health care system with reforms that emphasize market competition and patient choice. By putting patients at the center of our health care system and making insurers and providers compete against each other for our business, we can lower health care costs and protect Americans’ access to the care they need, including the doctor they choose.

Environmental Regulations

Earlier this year the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of home owners who were told by the EPA to undertake costly mitigation and monitoring of their property before they could get a hearing to determine the presence of wetlands on their property (Sackett v. EPA, 10-1062, March 21, 2012). What steps can the federal government take so that future environmental disputes like this don’t end up in court?
Romney: Respect for private property, clear laws, fair enforcement, and the right to be heard before being deprived of money or property are bedrock principles of our free society. I will modernize our outdated and ambiguous environmental laws, regulations, and enforcement practices to advance our common commitment to natural resource stewardship in ways that restore these principles to prominence. Such actions include providing a speedy and objective process to resolve technical disputes without subjecting our citizens to the senseless delay and expense of going to court.
Obama: With the regulatory process, we’ve made strides to increase transparency, encourage public participation, and promote accountability. The net benefits of regulations issued in the first three years of my administration exceed $91 billion, including both savings and new revenue—25 times greater than in the same period of the previous administration. We are also revisiting rules on the books to see if they make sense so we can continue to produce far greater savings. Agencies have already issued hundreds of regulatory reform proposals, just a fraction of which are expected to save businesses $10 billion over the next five years.


Although the economy is struggling, and government at all levels is wrestling with budget deficits, is there a place for public investment in infrastructure, including transit projects, which historically has helped pave the way for private investment in communities?
Romney: There is a place for public investment in infrastructure. However, we must be mindful of our budgetary constraints when making these investments. To that end, there are many things apart from spending that the government can do to ensure that public investment in infrastructure is possible—eliminating burdensome regulations, for example, or speeding up project approvals and engaging in private-sector partnerships.
Obama: So much of our infrastructure is in need of repair, and we need all of it to deliver American products around the world. There are hundreds of thousands of construction workers who’ve never been more eager to get back on the job. That’s why I’ve proposed a six-year surface transportation plan to improve the nation’s highways, transit, and rail infrastructure. The proposal is fully paid for, with part of the savings from ramping down overseas military operations. And last September I put forward the American Jobs Act, a set of proposals to create jobs now. Congress passed two of the proposals—cutting payroll taxes by $1,000 for a typical family and extending unemployment insurance—but it left on the table more than half of the plan, comprising infrastructure investments that independent economists estimated could create as many as 1 million jobs. I’ll continue fighting for these and for Project Rebuild, another part of the American Jobs Act, which would help repair our housing infrastructure by putting construction workers back on the job rehabilitating and repurposing distressed properties in hard-hit communities.


Hey still water enthusiast, Jon Baiocchi will be putting on another one of his great presentations, this time the focus will be Eagle Lake. Eagle Lake is known for huge hard fighting Rainbow trout. 

The fall fishing is by far the best time of year to fish up there. The presentation will take place here at Reel Anglers Fly Shop located at 760 South Auburn St. Suit F Grass Valley, Ca. 95945. Start time is 10 am, on October 6th. 

This is a free event, and the seating is limited to 12 people. If you want to attend please call the shop a reserve a spot. 530-477-5397

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


On Wednesday night Grass Valley's City Council had two major items on their agenda that directly affected its downtown. Smoking and parking meters.

The Council members have decided they will continue to offer free parking which means shoppers will continue to park for free.

They also passed a NO SMOKING ORDINANCE in the downtown core! Local residence can now breath freely.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Baseball fans, are you are interested in a youth baseball game? Then head to Penn Valley on Saturday at 10 a.m. and watch the boys play on the new 50/70 field at Western Gateway Park.  This game will pit some of the very best 11 year old ballers in Nevada County against some of the best players in the Roseville and the greater Sacramento area....including one player from Bear River Little League. It will be a battle among friends!

The Brown Sox have players from Nevada City, Grass Valley, Bear River, Lincoln and Penn Valley. This local team has invited the Golden Spikes of Roseville and surrounding areas to a six inning game.

The team's coach Jim Nolen of Penn Valley constructed a new 50 foot pitchers mount.

Please come out and see the game as most of the time the Sox play on the road. Starting pitcher for the Brown Sox will be Bryce Bergman of Lincoln who is the son of Nevada Union graduate Ron Bergman. Bryce is a hard throwing right handed pitcher who will bring the heat. In four games this fall the Sox have hit three home runs and their win loss record is 2-2.


Friday & Saturday, October 5 and 6th,  Reinette Senum   will be on stage for a one-woman show “Alaska Revisited.” I will be recounting my 1,500 mile solo winter journey across Alaska in 1994. This unique and animated presentation features colorful storytelling, video and slides making it wonderful for all ages! 

From the press release:

"Far from a Pollyanna story, “Alaska Revisited” is a courageous, heartfelt tale about self-discovery and the power of the human spirit, and will have audiences on the edge of their seats. From coming face to face with a 300lb Grizzly Bear to being called “Fruit Cake” by local villagers when she went against all social norms to build a canoe by hand to finish her trip, Senum pushed her personal boundaries to finally gain some understanding of herself, her future, and her legacy. "


Here is week #6 of the Sierra Sports Report brought to you by Touchdown Production from the campus of Elk Grove High school at halftime of the Nevada Union football game. We discuss the Sierra Foothill League's as well and the Pioneer Valley League's standings and Cole Hannum's pending ineligible CIF ruling.


The Bear River High School Lady Bruin's golf team finished in second place at their first Pioneer Valley League meet on Monday. Each of the the golfers shot their personal best including Jessica Pisenti, Cassie Smith, Delaney Kaper, Rachel Price, Shelby Lampson, and Olivia Naves.


Magnolia's eighth-grade girls basketball team once again rode on the shoulders of Ashlee Albee who delivered 16 of the Rattlers 35 points when they hosted Pleasant Valley which was good for a 35-32 victory.
Summer Brown led the host team on the glass along with five points. Magnolia's eighth-grade girls basketball team improved to 5-1 on the season. 
Alyssa Pulkinghorn scored six points in the home win.
The Rattlers host Seven Hills Tuesday for their second meeting of the season.


With Nevada Union's football team on a bye week and Bear River's team on the road Touchdown Productions will be setting up shop at the Woodcreek vs Placer football game on Friday night in Auburn.

While this may sound like a normal football game to be played out under the Friday night lights, it will be significantly different for me. The past four weeks I was on camera only when I had something very specific to say. Not this week as I will be the color man sitting next to a 20 plus year veteran in Marty Mortensen.
Marty and I did work together at the Pleasant Grover/Nevada Union football game but I was on the field and he was sitting next to Jim Adams at the top of the stands. So Marty will have his hands full trying to educate me on how to be a color guy at the same time as doing the play by play.

I'm not sure who is in for the toughest night ahead of them, the player from Woodcreek who has to line up across from Eddie Vanderdoes for 48 minute or Marty who will have to lead the blind or the blind person himself (Me). I'm sure it will be a challenge for all three of us to keep the game going without making a few mistakes.

Thank you to Gil for having the confidence in me. Thank you to Marty for your leadership. Regardless of the hurdles which lay before me on Friday, I'm sure my night will be better than that of the Woodcreek offensive line man who is required to go toe to toe with Vanderdose.

Vanderdose #47 (6'4, 305) comes into the game with 22 tackles and 4.5 sacks in four game this season. While I have heard of the USC bound lineman as most people in the area has. I look forward to seeing him in action and hope I do as well as he does.

Be sure to check back on Saturday morning for the replay of the game and remember what your mother always said. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all...unless it is funny!

Monday, September 24, 2012


This was not on the Truckee and I was not there. 

"Im actually not going to reveal this location, it's our new secret spot. we didn't see an other fisherman in three days, so it's our little place now," man in photo said. (Posting without the fisherman's name will help keep this place a secret). "It was a scary fight too,. I thought for sure I was going lose him in this thick patch of moss."

The monster Tiger trout measured at 23 inches in length, 3.75 inches wide and 6.75 inch girth. "He was a hog, huge hump and that nasty hook jaw."

The fish was caught on a green frog pattern with cracked yellow and red dots.

"Every fish we caught seemed to fight ferociously, many jumping 2-3ft out of the water, and running hard, even if they were smaller! The average size of the fish we caught were 16-18" all very fat, and very strong."

The fish was released.


Nobody hit an ace after 68 people competed on 44 holes of play at the Tru Line Customs - Challenge In The 530 last Sat. This was surprising really because the course was very scorable and a hole in one seemed ine
vitable. So, the TD (Bruce Hinson) set up a basket a couple hundred feet out in the field and gave each ace fund competitor one shot at getting closest to the pin to win the ace fund.

I knew this would take a long time, so I slowly wandered over to my car. Grabbed my GT Banger. Mosied back. Hung around next to Sheri and Jessica’s tent to watch players shoot in as close as possible. Then…all the sudden, everyone had thrown. Internally I’m thinking, “Whoa…I still have to throw!”

So I run up to the tee box as 30 – 40 people are heading out to get their discs saying, “One more! One more!”

Now, it’s been a long day, so with a little grumbling the players look back and start to spread out a path to the basket. Sensing some dread of watching one more throw I instinctually state, “No one’s hit it yet, right!?”

I’m looking now at the basket with a gallery of fellow men and women delineating a quasi-fairway. Relaxing…I take a nice easy cross step and LAUNCH a slight hiezer perfectly on line. Two seconds later…BOOM! It splashes dead center into low chains. Instantly there were victorious fists in air from the gallery with the roar of success. High-fives were going off everywhere. I couldn’t have imagined a better end to a really fun day with a bunch of men and women whom I sincerely appreciate as fellow disc golf friends. It was magical.


As we close out MLB's regular season play, we know more people begin to start watching games. It was a great marketing move to releases Trouble with a Curve during the fall classic as it is a mans themed chick flick, if that is possible. But it is about baseball after all as well a daughter who is dealing with an aging father. 

A Lake of the Pines resident who recently took his wife to see the film at the Auburn 8 Cinemas stated the following....

" It's a good date night movie for both the man and woman. For the men, it's funny, a lot of baseball analogy, good story line and Client Eastwood can play one grumpy old man. Over all this keeps you into the movie. You are right to assume this is a chick flick, but there's enough baseball lingo which will keep the men's attention. I liked the movie. "

This quote comes from a guy who loves the sport, has a child who currently plays baseball as well as plays softball himself. 

So if you are looking for a sports film which you can take your wife or girlfriend to this is a great option. It is not Bull Durham and I'm sure Clint would never wear women's underpants regardless of the plot line.

There is also an opportunity to parlay your girls new found love of this film into a post season run. Keep talking to her about the film all the way through the playoffs and you might not get as much grief about sitting on the couch for hours on end for the next month or so. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012


On Sunday the newly formed Brown Sox baseball 11u team which is made up of players from Nevada City, Grass Valley, Bear River, Lincoln and Penn Valley ventured to their first baseball tournament in Yuba City.

They made it into the Championship game where they fell 10-6 to the R.C. Tribe. The Sox starting pitcher James Nolen threw well keeping the team close for a 1-0 score into the 3rd inning. The Sox used four pitchers to complete the contest limiting pitchers to no more than 40 pitches where the Tribe rode their starter the entire way throwing 98.

The highlights of the day were the home runs by Nolen (first in career), Dean Hopper (second in a week) and Brekyn Vasquez (first in career) as well as three double plays in the field.

The Sox played three very solid games behind starting pitchers Justin Powell, Dustin Thompson and Nolen. The reliever also did a great job as the Sox were not only competitive but were in position to win every game but the final.

The Sox played three contest where the Tribe had to play two, even though they were the team which traveled the farthest they played in the 9a.m. game as well as the championship which had a first pitch at 4 p.m. A long day had by all, but the long day in the sun was well worth it!

The Sox team on the day compiled three HR, 5 triples, 9 doubles and 16 singles in the three game stand.

The host team manager of the NorCal Sluggers stated to me during the post game hand shake, "your team can really hit."

Saturday, September 22, 2012


The Bear River Junior Bruins who came into the game without a loss traveled to Lincoln where they took on the Fighting Zebras who also had not lost


Lincoln did scored on the fourth play of game on a sweep around the left corner from the 37 yard line. 

The Bruins did block the extra point kick and the first quarter ended 6-0 Zebras. 
The second half looked as if Bear River was going to make a run at getting back into the contest until a 15 yard penalty moved them back for a 4th and 17. Bear River was stopped and turned the ball over on downs.

Lincoln scored later in the game on a 50 yard pass play. Then Lincoln faked the extra point conversion with the speedy running back Lemus out running the Bear River corner back to the pylon. The first half ended 13-0.

When the game was clearly out of reach Lincoln score with 1:09 to play extra point kick good. 21~0. Even though the final score was one sided the game felt much closer. Lincoln delivered on three big play and the Bruins turned the ball over which resulted in the lopsided final score.


Bear River took to the field without their general, starting quarterback Dillon Smith so they relied heavily on the run. Cody Heard was the name called most often which resulted in 3 Bruin touchdowns. On the night Bear River compiled 232 yards on the ground as the defeated River Valley by a score of 28-14 
Smith dislocated dislocated his shoulder last week so the Bruins had to make adjustments.
 Bear River's co-head coach Scott Savoie told the Appeal-Democrat after the game. "We were pretty one dimensional tonight, but like I told the kids, it was gut-check time."
The Bruins blocked a punt in the first quarter and caused three turnovers on the night, things that coach Brandon Asher said his team will need clean up heading into Tri-County Conference play in two weeks.
"We were prepared and didn't execute, and as a coach, I didn't do my job tonight," Asher said to the local newspaper. "They wanted it more than us and we made a lot of mental mistakes."
Bear River (4-0) found the scoreboard first on a 50-yard touchdown march near the end of the first quarter. Heard did the scoring honors on a short 1-yard plunge, giving the Bruins a 7-0 lead heading into the second.

River Valley (2-2) answered back with an impressive 71-yard scoring drive midway through the second quarter as Dove broke loose for a 34-yard touchdown scamper to tie the game at 7.
The Falcons went on to outgain the Bruins 175-167 in the first half, but Heard scored his second touchdown of the game with a 6-yarder just before halftime to give the Bruins a 14-7 lead at the intermission.
The comeback wasn't to be, however, as the Bruins picked off the Falcons twice in the final period to come away with the victory.