Saturday, September 1, 2012


Nevada Union's football team traveled to Grant High School on August 31, 2012 for the first time in eight seasons and it was also the first time the two teams had met since 2005. If you are more of a Miner than a Pacer then you will want to watch this contest.

There was Miner Magic all over the field on this night as Dave Humphers' team ripped Mike Alberghini's team apart resulting in a 37-7 win. It looked and sounded as if fans from both sides of the field (one side was positive and the other was down right negative and vulgar) were a little shocked at how poorly the Pacers played. Grant's running game was strong at times but their passing game never came together.

While Grant has better overall speed than the Miners, it did not show as the defense was disciplined and held containment. Coach Humphers used Grants speed against them by running his Wing-T to perfection, it looked as if the Pacers often over pressured the first or second option therefore leaving a later option in a one on one situation which played into NU's power running game.

photo courtesy Sacbee

The Miners played a near perfect game, the mistakes they did make were a few delay of game penalties inside the 10 yard line and their field goal kicker did miss and extra point.

Next week the Miners will take on Pleasant Grove (1-1) at Sheldon.

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