Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I'm on a email list from Panther-Martin where if you catch a trophy fish with a Panther-Martin product you have a chance to receive $50 in lures of your choosing. While I don't often use their products I do enjoy seeing the emails they send me.

The water in the Northern states as well as the mountains are beginning to cool. Once the water cools it is time to get fishing for trophy.

Trophy Fish Photo- John Thiel!

His 30 LBS. Northern Pike was caught with a:
John told us, he just returned from a trip to Manitoba, where he and his wife made a portage trip to an out-lake called Saddle Lake to catch walleye. While casting a 1/2 oz. spinner on a bass rod with 10 lb mono he landed this beautiful Pike.

Fish Fact - Pike tend lurk in the cover of vegetation in clear, shallow, warm waters near shore, although they retreat somewhat deeper in midsummer.

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