Monday, September 3, 2012


Tom Page owner of Reel Anglers Fly Shop is reporting the following message....

The Lower Yuba has been holding just above 1000 CFS for the past 15 hours now. If it continues to stay at this level for a few more days it is game on. PMD's have been seen in the drift and caddis are starting to hatch a little more. Water temps are reaching about 53 degree's, and the Salmon are starting the migration with the full moon.

Salmon Redd by

The video below was shot while I was  fishing for steelhead on the Yuba River below the Parks Bar Bridge in October of 2011. This area is a barb-less artificial only river and NO BAIT! It is heavily patrolled by the Department of Fish and Game so don't think about trying something that could be surely memorable.

The video shows me fighting a 35 inch salmon  on 4-pound line for over 2 hours. I was pulled down stream 3/4 of a mile and had to cross the river with water levels above my chest. 

In this stretch you will have the opportunity to see salmon on their beds, please do not fish for them and don't walk through them. If you see what looks like an orange rock in the water, that is a marker which indicates the location of a spawning bed of a salmon. Stay away from this spot. The salmon season on the Yuba is closed until further notice so if you do catch one as I did (unintentionally) please release it so it may keep the cycle going.

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