Friday, September 21, 2012


After the success of the SummerBall League there has been a call for another league. Due to the difficulty of acquiring a gym has become the biggest issue. 

The Veterans Hall has been eliminated due to the booking situation. This means the choices of gyms available are even less but not lost. The possibility of the Park Avenue gym becoming available is there but additional costs have always been the burden. The hourly cost includes custodial fees which more than double thr rental cost per hour. 

All is not lost as with most finance creativity becomes the focus. Firstly there are other leagues in town that cost on average $440 per team with a minimum 7 players = $62.85 per player. This playing 8 games per week with 10 game season + playoffs?

 The GVBL would like to do the same with the non-profit organization kidsfitness247 inc, but with options in terms of number of teams, +/- referee cost, player participation, volunteers, team sponsors, league sponsors, fund raising.

Firstly cost per player with a 14 team league, 7 players per team, and 10 game season with all the teams going into the playoffs following a single elimination format. So the cost per player for this league would be $65.81. The difference between the cost of other leagues and the GVBL is $2.96.

 Now people will say can the GVBL get 14 teams for an over 30 league the answer is yes but there are always contingencies in place. The answer is 10 team league where each team will play 1 other team twice to make a legitimate 10 games played. The playoffs will have 8 teams progress but the 2 remaining teams could have a playoff for the Wooden Spoon Trophy but the twist is the losing team wins the trophy, all done in a fun and good spirit of the game.This will cost per player $60.00.

 For information and inquiries about putting a team in the Winter League cal GVBL office 530 272-9462 or call Lee Stafford @ 530 320-1709

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