Wednesday, September 12, 2012


                                                                       The Union Newspaper

Naggiar Winery in Southern Nevada County played host to a Measure K fundraiser on September 9 that raised over $2,600 for the cause. The event was attended by 45 community members who enjoyed an afternoon of wine tasting, hors d'oeuvres as well as a passion for education. Mike and Donna Naggiar donated their wonderful facility as well as so graciously offered two wine tastings for up to 20 people as part of the the event's silent auction.

 Measure K is a $92 a year for five years parcel tax which will maintain programs within the Pleasant Ridge Unified School District. Due to state budget cuts the district has lost funding that exceeds 4.8 million dollars. Without the necessary funds the district may be required to cut all non-mandated classes as well as endure larger class sizes. These funds will be allocated only to the proposed programs and will be audited by a Citizens Oversight committee.


  1. I really want to know why so many people without children who are going without food and hardly drive should have to give up another months food money to pay for non mandated things?

    Everything for kids eh?

    I was responsible and did not have kids I could not afford to take care of. I take nothing from government, NOTHING. Yet you feel the need to make me pay what I do not have so your children can have more. I do not begrudge your children everything you can afford for them. I just do not feel I should pay for your kids. I already pay plenty of property taxes. We all should be concerned about education but anything beyond the requirements should not be socialized. I am responsible, I should not be punished because I was.. They are your children, if you feel they need extra things then it is your responsibility to pay for those things. Get off my tax bill and be responsible for YOUR CHILDREN!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to ask about Measure K and give your feelings. I respect your opinion as well as your tax bill. I can speak as a parent, a School Board Member, Realtor and as a tax payer.

      Parent- Yes you are right they are my children and I should be responsible for them. My parents paid their taxes and sent me to public school which had electives including music, art, GATE, sports and the like as yours might have. My parents did not pay extra as your parents might not have either. I'm not saying things are perfect but it is a reasonable request.

      Board Member- I have agreed to fight for children and the district and Measure K is part of my fight right now. Sacramento has with-held 5.9 million dollars over a 4 year period which has created a huge problem. My children will be fine but I'm not fighting for just my kids, I'm fighting for all of them and many are not as fortunate as you or I. I'm a fiscal conservative who is trying to do what I feel is best for the community at large. While I may not win your vote, I do respect your right to vote.

      Realtor- Our schools bring many high quality families to our neighborhoods which keeps our property values up. If they were to move then our stores, hospitals and restaurants may not be able to operate. Our district has an annual budget of 10 million dollars and when placing a lower end multiple of 6, that equates to a 60 million dollar income stream to our local tax coffers. Families spend more per person than seniors which drives our local economy. In the south County our largest employer is the education industry. Which is also important to all of us.

      Tax Payer- I own two lots with only one child who will benefit from Measure K. My tax bill will be $92 per year for 5 years while my child with be leaving the district within three. The programs which he uses would cost me less if I were to just pay for those. But I feel I have a responsibility to my community. Not everyone feels like I do and I would not, nor do I want to try to change your mind.

      In conclusion you are my neighbor and friend as we live in the same community and we very well may know many of the same people. I will agree to disagree with you but I respect you. Thank you again to providing your thoughts on Measure K.


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