Tuesday, September 16, 2014


If you have ever "Liked" or have friends who have "Liked" a page then you are being targeted by Facebook's advertising. If you get irritated by those advertisements, there is something you can do about it. Written below is a further explanation of how Facebook uses your personal data to target your advertisements. But first here is how you put a spot to the company which has a market cap of over 200 million. 
In your profile, click the upside-down triangle in the upper-right corner and then the "Settings" button.
Click on the "Ads" tab. The two options here are easy to switch and very powerful. For each one, click the "Edit" button and then "No one" instead of "Friends."
That's not hard, but before I sign off let me just give you a quick explanation of what "Ads and Friends" is really about. Facebook claims that it "doesn't sell your information to advertisers," but what it does do is put you in a group that the advertiser can browse.
If you and a friend a hobby, then Facebook will take note of that. If you mention a product or company advertising on Facebook, it will probably put it next to an advertisement that your friend will see. It's basically a testimonial, but not one you might want to make.
Happy scrolling!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Over Labor Day weekend I spent 9 hours fishing on two of California's watersheds. Neither of which looked healthy. Both were wrought with algae and very little signs of fish. While there were frogs and small fish I did not see anything above 3 inches.

Fish not only need water to thrive but the water also needs to be relatively cool. The Water temp was 75 degrees just above Lake Clementine while the air temp was 101. 

The other fishery which I fished was a bit better though I did catch two small trout. The real issue here is not one which man can fix nor will adding additional dams. The real issue at had is the lack of rain and snow in the mountains. Recently there was some discussion about Lake Tahoe only producing 65 cubic feet Per second (CFS). The Little Truckee is not flowing nor is Prosser creek. There was a group men and women from the Truckee Chapter of Trout Unlimited who worked hand in hand with the California Fish and Game catching trout with nets and then relocating them to the main river. 

As one can see when analyzing the images above that the past three years the lack of water has been accelerated. The lack of rain fall is hard on wildlife but with out a healthy river our food chain begins to break down. There are no clear answers other than conservation. 

Friday, August 29, 2014


The Bear River Bruin football team put up a great fight in the back and forth contest on Friday night at Bear River High School when they hosted the Pacheco Panthers who drove 160 mile for the game. but in the end the bigger, faster and more experienced visiting team won 35-29.

The Bruins had a shot late in the game but quarterback Austin Smith had very little time to find a receiver as the Panthers blitzed. Smith who played clean all game was picked as he attempted to thrown the ball to the lone receiver who was being double teamed as he ran a fly route.

In early action the Bruins jumped out to an early lead on a TD pass from Smith to Travis Whitehead which capped a 97 yard very impressive drive. Then BR added another score by John Voter who punched it in from the 1 to move the score to 14-0. The Panthers top scorer from 2013 Frank Ginda (6'2" 227lbs) caught a pass and and ran 47 yards to put Pacheco on the board. Smith then answered with another TD toss, this time to Dave Mastrella to give the Bruins a 22-8 lead with just over 3 min to play in the half. Pacheco went right back to their big man Ginda who again delivered on a 61 yard score as time ran down going into the half. The halftime score was 22-15 BR.

Coming out of the locker room the Panthers drover down the field on their firth possession to knot the score at 22 all. Pacheco followed up with another score for a 29-22 lead. Smith followed up by firing a strike to Ryan Wagner with 9:04 to play in the game to once again knot the score at 29-29.  The Panthers proceeded to drive the ball down the field and score but was called back from the 50 as there was a holding call. that mishap didn't slow the Panthers down as they ate up the yards, Bear River's timeouts as well as the clock on way to the games final score.

Smith had a very good showing as he was efficient and made good reads in the pocket  in his season debut in his senior season. Kyle Uclaray looked quick out of the back field and at times the defense pressured the the Panthers offense but late in the game they just couldn't get a stop when they needed it.

The Bruins take to the field again on Friday night when they host Union Mine,

Bear River JV team also fell in their season opener 15-0.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


On August 24th I posed a question to the 3,394 members of the Nevada County News and Information Facebook group for-which I'm an administrator. The question asked was, if the The Nevada County Scooper should be allowed to post to the group? The members gave feedback and it was all positive. The reason I was motivated to question the group is due to a few of their post being flagged. Click here to read what they wrote the following day about the event. They were "Swift" in getting the story out.

The idea of the NC Scooper is classic. The writing is fun, funny, smart and the stories seem to be based in and around current Nevada County events, people or news stories. The team of writers have crazy names along with what look to be real Facebook pages.

There are two names that I think are real. The first is Giovanni Paredes who's bio says he lives in Nevada County, and has other magical powers besides weather forecasting. He also hosts the extremely popular Nevada County Weather website. The other is the popular cartoonist RL Crabb whose work can be seen in The Union Newspaper. But I have no idea who these other very creative thinkers are.

Publisher of The Nevada County Scooper is Randall Finkelstein (Fink) of Penn Valley and Louis LaPlante (Lou) of North San Juan is the President.

On the "Companies" Facebook page it gives the history of the Scooper. See Below.

Throughout its 92 year history the Scooper, as it is affectionately called by locals, has striven to provide its citizens with the most up to date news.
Mission To provide a news source "for the rest of us."

DescriptionAbout the Nevada County Scooper

The Nevada County Scooper was founded in 1914 by Fred Bloomfield III, esq. and his wife Vinalla A. Bloomfield.

Throughout its 92 year history the Scooper, as its affectionately called by locals, has striven to provide it’s citizens with the most up to date and hard-hitting journalism the area has ever witnessed.

As the recipient of many, many awards, the Scooper recently ran out of wall space in it’s Penn Valley office after receiving a Gold record from long time supporter and Nevada County Scooper reader Alice Cooper.

Early History
In its early days the Nevada County Scooper was published from downtown Grass Valley and was the chief competitor to another, to be unnamed, local newspaper. During this time, the Scooper did not possess a printing press, nor the courage to borrow one. So the Scooper relied solely on shouting at people on the street to circulate the news. Later in the 1930s, the Scooper expanded its shouting service to Nevada City, frequently paying vagrants to assault citizens with news. Mr Bloomfield was a firm believer in enlightened self interest and believed that he was serving both the community and the paper’s interests.

Middle History
In 1949, after 17 long years of World War II, the Scooper finally purchased a printing press. However due the untimely death of Mr. Bloomfield’s wife in a bizarre gardening accident, he decided to sell his holdings in the newspaper to the Hearst Corporation for an undisclosed sum. The monies from this transaction were used for various failed housing developments around Nevada County including the infamous “homes over Wolf Creek” project.

Fresh History
After over 94 years of Hearst Corporation operation, the company sold the Scooper and its assets to former kid genius Randall “Fink” Finkelstein. Fink immediately set out to build a World Class local newspaper, as he put it, “for the rest of us, in Nevada County. Maybe Sierra County too if I get up there.” His goal of bringing worldly worldliness and his insightful blog commentary to Nevada County is first and foremost. Unless there’s money to be made in Sierra City. Then he will include them as well.

The Future
Fink hopes one day to put everyone in a flying car. Lou is hoping to retire to Cedar Ridge.

Thank you Fink and Lou for your contributions to this place we call home. You have shed a different light on the community.


The Bear River Junior Bruins have started the 2014 season a bit slow as they have collectively (Junior Peewee, Peewee, Junior Midget and Midget) fallen to a 0-8 after two games. Next weekend (8/6) the BRJB program will look to rebound as they host their first home games of the season versus the Yuba City Junior Honkers.

The BRJB's teams have scored at total of 33 points while giving up 200. While this is a very large gap most of the points were given up in week one when they traveled to San Joaquin. SJ currently holds an overall record of 8-0 while posting 279 total points by their four teams. The SJ organization leads both the North and South divisions of the Sierra Valley Football in scoring.

In Week two BR traveled to Antelope who holds a 7-1 overall record as well as the top spot in all four levels of play in the Southern division.  Marysville who has a 1-7 record was the only team to defeat Antelope. Which was in the Midget division by a score of 22-19 in week one.

The BRJB's coaches will look to make the best of their week three bye to prepare for their next opponent Yuba City. YC holds a win loss record of 4-4  and has split contests with Nevada Union as well as perennial power Elk Grove.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


If you venture to Holiday Market on Combie Rd in the South county area of Nevada County you will notice a new tenant. Forever Yours Florist and Gifts is located at 10934 Combie Rd. Suite #116 Auburn, CA 95602 Local: (530) 268-7673. They had their Grand Opening this past weekend and it sounded like a great sucess. They are new to the area but they have gained a lot of traction as they have 306 Likes on their Facebook page.

From their FB buniness page.
We had 157 customers walk through our doors on Saturday. I know this count should be higher because not everyone filled out a raffle ticket. We are truly amazed by how many people from this community and beyond came by to show their support! We had customers ,friends and family show up from elk grove,roseville,sacramento,west sacramento,lincoln,newcastle,auburn,grass valley,nevada city,rough and ready,penn valley,alta sierra, and lake of the pines! Special thanks to The Gristmill Bakery & Deli & Cafe,The Red Chair,Auburn Journal,The Union,Roseville Overhead Door,Flora Fresh Inc.,South Nevada County Chamber.These businesses helped us in one way or another to prepare for our big event. It was a very successful day for us as we made many business contacts,opened several new business accounts and overall gained a lot of new customers.

We gave away some serious prizes too! There were 13 overall winners. Prizes ranged from a $50 gift certificate to plants,to our custom gift baskets. Everyone who attended also got a free $5 bar of our own freshly poured soap to take home with them.We also had a simple but nice spread of refreshments for folks to enjoy while they shopped too.

So once again THANK YOU to everyone who came by,called,sent cards,shopped,browsed,opened accounts,and helped us out!

Oh one more thing, don't feel bad if you didn't make it.You will have another chance at free raffles and a real nice food spread. We are having our annual holiday open house in November!
If you like Christmas you are in for a serious surprise! You have not seen anything yet. Stay tuned for exact dates and times coming soon.

This new florist is not to be confused with the Auburn Country Florist (Like I did) which has been operating in the area for over a year via their website as well as at their home studio after the fire. Sherry and Henry Fiser lost their store front when it burned to the ground in 2012. You can find the full story here.


Nevada Union Football has more coverage than a top high school wide receiver as the Miners add an App to their secondary which will allow you to follow the game in real time.

This Friday night a rivalry returns. Nevada Union's Varsity football team will travel to Placer High School to take on the Hillman. The kickoff is scheduled for 7:30. If you can not make it to the game but would like to follow the the game's action as it happens then follow the directions located in the photo below. There is a catch though, see the last line. NU is looking for a little help and so are those who can not attend.

If NU doesn't have anyone at the game who is making updates then try following Walter Ford (on Twitter) who is the sports editor of the Union Newspaper in Grass Valley. I'm sure he will be on the sidelines keeping you up to date as to how the game is progressing. For those of you that have an online subscription to The Union Ford posts his game story on the paper's website about 2 hours after is post game interviews. 

I'm sure you could catch the radio broadcast on KNCO or KaHi. As this is a storied event.

If high quality video with commentary which is produced by Touchdown Productions is your medium of choice then be sure to tune into NCTV on Saturday night at 8pm for a replay of the full game as well as 10pm Sunday. The game will also be available for viewing on Touchdown Production's Game of the Week YouTube channel mid-day Saturday.

Let's hope the Miner's secondary can cover the Hillman receivers the way the local media covers NU's team.