Thursday, December 27, 2012


I recently heard about a roller rink which was located in LaBarr Meadows. Does anyone remember it? Do you have original photos?
 My information came from a women who has lived in LaBarr Meadows for 63 years. "Before it was LaBarr Meadows Roller Rink, it was a dance hall. Every Friday and Saturday night they would hold big dances. The soldiers from Camp Beale (it was an Army base before it became an AFB) would come up either by car or Greyhound Bus for the dances. My parents owned the LaBarr Market just down from the rink. That was back in the 50's. When my mother moved up here we had the first TV in LaBarr Meadows and mom put it in the grocery store to attract business. Lots of history and fun growing up in that neighborhood."

I have driven through the area many times and still to this day I have no idea where it could have been. The idea sounds great. I can still recall holding hands with a girl and skating under the disco ball and getting blisters on my feet. Great times for sure.

It would be nice to know more about the rink so if you have any information please add to the story in the comments area below. Nevada County has such great history and as our aging population fades so does much of that history. Please share with us!


  1. Plenty of good memories as a kid at that skating Rink. Always ended the season with oval racing!! Good stuff, good times!

    1. Thank you Dave. Do you have any old photographs?

  2. It was located in an oval roof building (like the military base barracks)directly behind where the store where the mini storage is now at the corner of LaBarr Meadows and Dog Bar. The original building was there for some time after it closed burning down sometime in the 80's or late 70's. I remember the fire well too. Many assumed it may have been intentional. It was an institution when I was growing up and the place to be. My oldest brother was a legend there, LoL very talented skater. There were limbo contests, couples only songs, races, etc. a lot of romances began and ended there too. I will look if we have some pictures when I get a chance. I was young when it all came to an end but still have many memories there.

  3. Brian OB, I to have great memories of the skating rink. I was there many Friday nights. Your Brother used to give my sister and I a ride on many occasions. Nothing like that wood roller rink floor. I do not think I have any pictures of the rink. It was a place to meet up with friends and have some fun!


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