Wednesday, December 19, 2012


As many Nevada County resident's know, we have many colorful people as well as moments which are generated by their color and then printed in The Union's Police Blotter.

Recently CBS 13 out of Sacramento picked up on a story that The Union Newspaper is offering its "Crime Log" (Police Blotter) on coffee mugs and other collectible items, which one news anchor called the content of the call-ins "ridiculous." We have all read the paper's selections of craziness which has generated a chuckle as well as a say what moment.

If you would like to watch the newscast click here where The Union's Editor Brian Hamilton as well as Grass Valley Police Captain Rex Marks are interviewed about the content of the Blotter as well as why the paper is offering these "stocking stuffers" for purchase.

If you are interested in seeing what The Union has for sale click here. You never know you or a family member could already be famous.

A running joke in Nevada County is, didn't I see you in The Union? I think it was in the Police Blotter. This would not be a moment to cheer or draw attention to yourself as the local paper often pulls the most humorous call which they print once a week.

It you have not read the Blotter in a while and you have interest in seeing what you have missed over the past 12 months then click here. Funny stuff.


  1. So much of the Blotter is making fun at the expense of the mentally ill, i.e. those who call in with delusions. With our piss poor mental health system, it is ignorant and unacceptable for them to do this coffee mug deal.

  2. You can actually access the real Nevada County blotter yourself, and read it first hand online, but it takes a bit of skill to decipher some of the LE terms into plain English. Check with the Sheriff's office for the exact location.

    I am still waiting for the paper to go from NannyState, no commenting allowed by readers, to Big Boy paper, where you can comment, just like The Appeal-Democrat of Marysville, The Auburn Journal, The Sac Bee, and the SF Chronicle, before I subscribe again.


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