Saturday, December 29, 2012


Nick Backus comes up big in the second quarter for Bear River on Saturday which lifted his team over San Juan High School 58-53 in a consolation bracket game. Three consecutive days is a lot of basketball.

The Bruins went to Backus as both Justin Beskeen and Espinoza were in foul trouble most of the contest.

Beskeen was selected to the 71st Kendall Arnett All-tournament team.

Game Notes

San juan opened to 10~4. BR scored 6 to knot but lincoln's point guard Gillagos made a 3 to close the quarter at 13~10 in favor of san juan.

Beskeen who is the teams leading scorer picked up his 3rd personal with 3:34 in the second. Score 22~20 SJ leading.

Backus scored 6 to move score to 26~22 SJ calls a TO to try and find an answer for the 6~foot~8 Bruin's senior.

Backus lifts BR in the second scoring 10 points in the quarter on 4~4 from the floor and 2~2 from the line including one offensive put-back

Bear River leads 30~23 at intermission.

SJ Tweedle exits the game with 4 fouls with 6:36 to play in the 3rd with a score of 34~26 BR. Beskeen 4th foul with 1:24 in 3rd. 43~34 BR. 45~34 end 3rd BR in front.

2 consecutive 3 by SJ to start the 4th moved the Spartans within striking range at 46~42 Espinoza and Beskeen with 4 fouls. Spartan press the Bruins who are having trouble ball handling . Two quick BR scores 50~44. BR time out to get Espinoza and Beskeen back in the game.

Beskeen fouled out at 3:38 in fourth 50~45. 

The win was not pretty for the Bruins but a win after 2 consecutive losses the team looked to be very happy.

Kendall Arnett Junior Varsity final bracket

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