Monday, December 24, 2012


The day after a storm is when the snow looks clean, fluffy and fresh. As I sit here next to the fire thinking about sledding and where the best place hill is in Nevada county. I have heard many people over the years tell me about a place on Hwy. 20 where they go sledding. I have been there a few times but so has every one else. It is crowded and dangerous but the hill itself is easy to get to with a few parking spots and it is fast. The spot I'm referring to is near White Cloud and you can not miss it.

If you plan to go to this spot you will need to know how to navigate for safety reasons. When you go down-the-hill be sure you are facing down-hill with your feet forward as there will be people who will walk in the sledding trail itself and you may need to slowdown or even stop. If you find yourself in this position dig your heels in and you will slow down. So at least the crash won't be as violent.

 There are many crashes at this spot. So when you find yourself at the bottom of the hill you will want to get up very quickly and move off to the side because there will be someone who is barreling down the hill right behind you. Small children will not go as far or as fast as a heaver person so they are the most vulnerable.

I have found the best place to begin at this location is much farther up the hill than where most people start. The trail is narrower and within a grove of pines trees. It is not as fast nor as well populated. It takes a few more minutes to get to but I have found it to be well worth it. Have fun, be safe and maybe I will see you there.

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