Saturday, December 15, 2012


Megan Roberson of Del Campo a 6-foot-4 center was held under her season average (11 points per game) scoring 7 on the night with 8 rebounds. She is averaging 12 rebounds per game.  while playing Bear River High School on 12/14/2012 at Placer High School's Coach G Memorial Tournament.

Teryn Rath of Bear River played a very physical game against Roberson. Rath pushed her out of the key on every cut she made to the ball and put a body on her when every shot went up. It was a battle that was won by the 5-foot-9 junior.

Roberson is a senior and she has something which can not be taught, height. Basketball is said to be a big persons game and that she is all that. Currently she is being under utilized by her coach. During the Bear River game Roberson had only three passes into the post, two resulted in 2 made baskets while her team shot a total of 46 times including 20 3-point shots making only 2. A 6-foot-4 inch girl is a once in a lifetime player for a coach that should be the focus of the offensive scheme, as she has a 48% shooting percentage. Not the long range shot which Del Campo makes 21% of the time.

The night prior Roberson took 17 shots from the field which delivered 20 points as well as a 54-49 win over Foothill. Let the big girl eat!

Credit must be given to Rath for limiting her touches but for Roberson to only get three passes on the block is not in the best interest of the team. The team is 2-5 on the season and in their 2 wins Roberson had double digit shot attempts.

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