Sunday, July 1, 2012


Earlier in the week I posted a story regarding the odds of all seven Bear River Little League teams having to play an extra game to make it to the final game. Click here for the article. The odds were so long that it could not have been possible, so I sent an email to the District 11 president asking him how are the brackets filled. I have copied his reply in its entirety and have pasted it below.

"We conduct a tournament draw meeting. The only given is that the host league gets a bye if the bracket allows for one.
The draws are random. We use a rotation to see who draws first. If Rocklin has the first draw they reach in a bag and draw a number. That number corresponds to the game number in the bracket. Then another league draws next.
Once a bracket is filled then another league gets first draw in the next level of play.
One other caveat. If your league does not have a representative at the meeting that leagues goes on the first game of that bracket until they show up"

In conclusion, no one from Bear River Little League attended the tournament draw meeting prior to the last Bear River team being placed into the brackets. Therefore, all  post regular season teams had or have to play more games than any other team to make it to the final game.


  1. Time for a new leader I would guess. _

  2. District 11 is a class act when it comes to running a tight ship. They are very fair and truly do everything with the best interest of the kids in mind. They also have rules they have to follow and yes they do!! These rules keep them from stepping in and micro managing leagues. The president is very devoted to youth baseball and softball. Steve Smith is a man of integrity. It should also be noted he served on the Bear River Board for many years. The years he was on the board he also had no child playing in the league. This would be considered voodoo to the existing Bear River board as your president has made mention that an adult without players in the organization needs to move on. Steve was the creator of a tournament called the D11 11 year old tournament where all leagues within District 11 were allowed to bring teams up and play on Memorial weekend in a tournament created for only 11 year olds. He did this so that the 11 year olds had some fun when they really never saw tournament play until they were 11, back in the day. These were always hosted at Bear River. Shortly after his creation Little League expanded and added the 11 year olds in All Stars and would not allow the tournaments to continue for the fear of having All Stars compete rather then ALL 11 year olds, where in fact, most of these teams consisted of all levels of players, some of which, would never experience tournament play in their Little League careers.

  3. "He did this so that the 11 year olds had some fun when they really never saw tournament play until they were 11", should read, "He did this so that the 11 year olds had some fun when they really never saw tournament play until they were 12"

  4. I hear your view. But.......I was speaking about the BRLL leader ....Shannon Robinson. Micro management at its finest!!!

    1. I wouldn't classify her characteristics as MICRO? "Lack of" is a lot closer. Bottom line...... is in this for herself, family and who ever will drink her Coolaid. She has hurt the league in so many ways.There was plenty of hard work put in to get on the good side of D11 and now all is lost. However it could be rebuilt!!


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