Monday, July 30, 2012


Summer is the time when you go tot the river and jump and frolic in your favorite favorite swimming hole. Over the weekend I took my kids to the Yuba river below the 49 bridge, it was a great day and the water was cold as well as refreshing.

We took our mask, snorkel and swim fins and while exploring the under water caves, I found a fishing hook with some line attached. My children used the new found treasure and  raided the cooler of our cheese that I had brought for a snack and put it on the hook. They caught two fish while hand lining.

Now for the negative. There were people playing loud music on the main beach which forced everyone around them to listen as well. There were many families who also viewed pot smoking as well as people drinking beer from bottles. Really drinking from bottles?

All in all it is a great spot to spend the day, but maybe not in the heat of the summer when non-locals do not follow our local customs.

The spot has easy access as well as signs that state there is no smoking, drinking alcohol and no glass.

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