Friday, July 13, 2012


By now you have heard the shocking stories of what happened in the showers at Penn State as well as what Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno did or did not do. Written below is a commentary by a grown man who was on campus during PSU National championships. The writer is a graduate of the tarnished University and is a parent of two children of his own.

I have removed the names and have inserted xxxx. It is not the names in the story that are important but the words, actions and understanding of what is right and wrong. When a grown man and a community are allowed to abuse children, what does that say about the community?

I am a proud Penn Stater. Proud when we won those football championships in '82 and '86 that 

book-ended my college career. But brother xxxxxxx, Joe Paterno is worse than Jerry Sandusky. 
He had intelligence and sanity vs. Sandusky's intelligence and insanity. Joe knew what Sandusky 
was. I've said it before and this report confirms it. JOE KNEW WHAT SANDUSKY WAS -- A 
PEDOPHILE MONSTER. Yet he didn't do enough to protect the children. He was self serving and was only thinking about bringing fame to the University and to himself (yes, I believe Joe held the University above himself). But he made a choice to cover up Sandusky's mess than to open it up to the world and take his lumps. xxxxxxxx you said it best -- think of your own boy in that shower with Sandusky. How would you feel? And Brother xxxxxx, those Korean war veterans 
are cowards as well as Joe. But Joe could have stopped it, those janitors talked it through and 
realized they probably could not have stopped it. They were wrong, but they are bottom dwellers 
ENDED SANDUSKY'S REIGN OF TERROR AT ANY TIME! He trumped everything in State 
College. One phone call, one interview from Joe and many, many boys don't have to feel the 
pressure of Jerry Sandusky on top of them, heaving and sweating, moving himself inside of them 
in such an unnatural way in the Penn State athletic facility showers. Single mothers and the 
underprivileged families of those boys would not have to feel the shame of how they could have 
let this happen? Why couldn't they have seen the signs? Or have been less busy trying to make a 
living, a better life, not to notice that their son was being raped repeatedly by a local hero? Joe 
Paterno knew better. Yet he turned a blind eye. You know what, I really don't care about how 
many football games Joe won anymore. I don't care about the championships anymore. It makes 
me sick now. To know that winning football games was more important than protecting those 
boys. But hey, this is just my opinion. Maybe those boys were worth it. Maybe some human 
beings are meant to be pawns and used to advance the pleasure of the human race. After all, 
college football is just entertainment. Like those boys were to Jerry Sandusky.

In conclusion, what has happened to society? What happened to it takes a village to raise a child? There were many people who could have helped these children. The bystander didn't want to make waves, they did not want to go against the power. The witness is no better than the pedophile himself. As members of a community, we have a responsibility to do what is right, regardless of our own personal gain or loss. The men who knew about the children being abused who did nothing are no better than the man who did the crime and they too should be punished.

Stand up for what is right!

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