Thursday, July 26, 2012


While I have fished the Bear River many times, I have had very limited success. I have tried at the 174 bridge, Ben Taylor Rd., Bear River Campground and the Dog Bar Bridge. While the river is cold enough for trout the flows are very inconsistent and so is the fishing.

Here is a white water video shot near the 174 bridge early in the spring. You will see how steep the access the rivers edge is and how difficult it is to get to the water. This is the best holding water I have seen for large fish but I was about the river by 100 feet or so with no way to get down there.

The largest fishing I have pulled out of Bear River is a 10 inch rainbow. I have heard stories from other fisherman who claim they are catching 18 inch browns but I can not attest to that. 

Sorry for the poor photo but the fly in the vice is, natural rabbit hair tied on a size 16 hook. Nothing fancy but it seems to work for those little Bows. If you live near by and want to perfect your casting then this is a great spot to go. If you have a desire to catch fish then move along.

Bear - At Hwy 174 Bridge
     Gauge located at Hwy-174 bridge, 0.4 miles below Rollins Reservoir.  Gauge elevation 1920 feet.
Bear River - Hwy-174 Bridge to Ben Taylor Rd (2.3 miles, III to IV+, H&S p149)    AWetState  AWA
Bear River - Ben Taylor Rd to Lake Combie (10 miles, II, Creekin')    Creekin'
Bear River - Lake Combie to Hwy-49  

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