Saturday, May 12, 2012


The Pleasant Ridge School District is pleased to announce the following administrative staffing changes that will be effective as of July 1, 2012. 

The District wishes to thank Mrs. Heidi Veneman for the outstanding leadership she has provided to both Cottage Hill Elementary School and the District throughout her years in the Pleasant Ridge School District. Mrs. Veneman has requested, and been granted, a one-yer leave of absence. She plans to rejoin her husband whose work commitments require that he be located in the Bay Area. 

Mrs. Shar Johns has been reassigned from her current position and will serve as Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services as well as Principal of Cottage Hill School. Currently, Mrs. Johns is the Principal of Alta Sierra School and serves as both the District's Testing Coordinator and Director of Special Education. Plans are in progress to provide the needed additional support on the Cottage Hill campus to facilitate the additional job responsibilities and the continued effective operation of the school site. During the past two years Mrs. Johns has attended a number of academies designed to build a strong knowledge base in the area of Special Education Law and Curriculum. The District is especially appreciative of Mrs. Johns' willingness to take on additional responsibilities in areas of crucial need without any additional compensation. 

Alta Sierra Elementary School will welcome Mr. Mark Rodriguez as the Principal at that facility. Mr. Rodriguez's entire teaching career was spent at the K-6 level. Additionally, his highly student centered philosophy and approach to education should be an excellent fit for the school. Moreover, the opportunity to serve as Principal of the Alta Sierra site has been long coveted by Mr. Rodriguez. 

Lastly, at this time the District is in the final stages of conducting background checks on finalists for a new administrative team that will serve at Magnolia Intermediate School. We anticipate announcing those appointments next week as well as providing an opportunity for students, staff, and the community to interact with the new Principal and Vice Principal during the week of May 21st. 

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