Friday, May 11, 2012


The race for the final Bear River TOC spot could have a bit more clarity on Saturday night as the Giants (6-6) take on the A's (5-5). The Athletics did drop the Giants earlier in the season with a score of 4-3, click here for the story. The 7 p.m. game could very well prove to be a must win game for both teams, but Athletics may need the victory a little more than the Giants as they need to stay close to the Dodgers (6-5). The A's have a one game stand with the league's top team, the Angels, who sit at 9-1 on May 16. Unlike the Giants as well as the Dodgers who have already played the Angels two times. The Dodgers do hold the tiebreaker over the Giants as they defeated the Giants twice. But if the Athletics get the win on Saturday and their season ends in a tie in the win/loss column with the Dodgers, then it will get interesting as the teams split in the regular season. The final TOC bid is currently in the in the hands of the Dodgers but it is still to early to count out any of the teams to represent BRLL.

Bear River Little League Major's Standings

Angels     9-1
Dodgers   6-5     3.5 games back
Giants      6-6     4.0 games back
Athletics   5-5    4.0 games back
Standings from BRLL website

Home Run Race

Justin Kilgore     2
Seth Robinson   1
Caleb Edwards  1
Ryan Solomon   1

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