Friday, May 25, 2012


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Recently I participated in an evaluation process of six Bear River High School seniors. Where I passed them with flying colors, or I should say they passed themselves. This was my first time doing this, so I walked into the room with no expectations and walked out with an appreciation.

The seniors came to the front of the classroom one by one for an eight to 12 minute speech about a profession they felt they wanted to engage in post school. I was one of three community members as well as a Bear River teacher who graded them in many areas. They all did great.

Many learned what they want to do professionally once they graduate high school and or college, but what was more important was a few learned what they did not want to do. As the teacher pointed out, "it's great you learned this before you racked up $40,000 in student loans." The soon to be graduates all laughed at the statement, but as a parent as well as a soon to be college financier, I took it to heart.

While all six of the 2012 graduates all stated they learned how to do a resume, cover letter and how to speak to adults, I learned these six graduates from Bear River High School are high quality people who will go far in life.

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