Friday, August 17, 2012


The Sacramento Bee released it's Top-25 high school football team rankings for the 2012 season. Two local teams which are represented on their list are Nevada Union at #4 as well as Placer High School at #10.

While a pre-season rank does not win games, nor does it establish a reality of who will win a particular contest on the grid-iron under the Friday night lights. It is only one person's best guess based on an assessment of a previous season's statistics as well as transfers. While both NU and Placer have impact player transfers as well as a buzz swirling around them they also will have a target on their back due to their current highly ranked SacBee status.

Week one will be very tough for Placer  as they take to road, where week one for NU will be no cake walk, but they are at home. Check back next week for a breakdown as well as projections of area high school football games.


  1. Link to schedule would be good. I photographed most of the home games last year, but not one sale or one comment, so I'm not so likely to repeat:

  2. Thank you for the comment. There are three hyper links in the article. The word "Placer" is a link to their scheduled as is NU. The other is a back link to the entire SacBee top 25. I hope to see you at Game one vs McQueen.


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