Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The Bear River Junior Bruins' Junior Peewee team won their first game 32-0 over Del Campo but were blown out in week two 26-0 by Capitol Christian. 

"The difference between week one and week two, sometimes the kids show up to play ball and sometimes they seem as if they missed their bowl of Cheerios, coach John Dzioba said. "In my opinion the Jr. PeeWees are the most athletic, sound minded, hard hitting and kind hearted boys in the whole league.  Last Saturday was just not our day."

Jeff Jenkins
Dzioba also stated, as the defensive coordinator, I changed our defense last week from a 4-3 to a 4-4.  That might have been too much for our nine and ten year olds to handle in one week.  We are going back to basics in the next two weeks and back to our 4-3.  We also had many missed tackles due to poor tackling techniques.  We will have to re-visit the tackling drills and hone our skills.

All teams are off due to the holiday weekend so I asked Dzioba what he planned to do with two weeks of practice to get ready for Bradshaw Christian.

Jeff Jenkins
"Bradshaw Christian is a larger school and from watching game film, I would guess they have anywhere from 30-35 kids," Dzioba said.  "That is almost twice the numbers we have, so they will have fresh legs throughout the game.  We will have to work heavily on conditioning to be able to go the full four quarters.  Many of our kids play the whole game on both sides of the ball and never come out."

Jeff Jenkins
On any given team there is always a player who comes into training camp with high expectation and there are those who exceed the expectation. "The most surprising player on the roster this year, to me, is Colton Jenkins," Dzioba said. "He is the most athletic, tactically sound, heads up and mature player on the field.  He has single handedly saved at least four touchdowns in the past two games as safety, has filled the spot as quarter back and team leader, and scored three touchdowns in our first outing.  Colton is a truly kind boy, and pleasure to coach."

The Junior PeeWee squad is currently in second place in the standings after two weeks of play behind Roseville and knotted with Granite Bay, Lincoln and Grant. This is the same team which played for the Championship of the Sierra Valley USA Football League this past season.

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