Sunday, August 26, 2012


Jr. Midgets Football
The Bear River Junior Bruin team moved to 1-1 with their 38-0 win on the road at Capitol Christian on Saturday.

This past weekend, the team fell 6-0 on a extremely bad call the coach stated. "We were punting, we get the kick off and it hits their player, we recover. A flag was thrown for Roughing the kicker, Either way it should have been our ball. Refs call of the flag and White cap says 1st and ten bruins, I send out our offense, but Del Campo already had their offense on the ball and ran a play, they scored while we were setting up our offense to the ball. Refs have a 5 minute meeting and determine that they made a mistake but it was too late."

Then Bear River scored on a 30 yard run, and they threw a flag for too many people in the back field, which on tape does not show it. Then we score again after our defense strips the ball and runs it in for a touchdown, No whistle was blown. After about a 5 minute meeting the refs having a meeting they determined that it was BR's ball but no touchdown. 

"All in all the kids played wel, they made a lot of mistakes, but for the first non division game against a really good football team, we will take it." a coach stated.

Fell to Capitol Christian by a score of 26-0. The coach called it a blow out.


The PeeWee team moved to 2-0 on the season as Capitol Christian was unable to field a team.

The Bear River Junior Bruin football program will not play for two weeks as next week they have a bye.

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