Friday, August 31, 2012


The Bear River Bruin's football team was not a very good host to Union Mine on Friday night as they scored at will and beat the tar out of their guests. The final score was 35-8.

I predicted a 21-20 final where Bear River (1-0) would win. I knew the Bruins defense was solid at stopping the run but I had no idea they were capable of dropping 35 points on a well known football program like they did on Friday night.

Next up for the Bruins, they will travel to Woodland where they will take on the Wolves (0-2).

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  1. I was out the game for the start of my 25th season following the BR football program. The Bruins played very well for their opening game. Nice local crowd and most stayed around even as the temperature dipped into the low 50's. I liked how they played as a team. This could be another exciting football program this year.


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