Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Bear River High School (18-8) and Placer High School (15-2) are the top two volleyball teams in the Pioneer Valley league this season, both sitting at 3-0. By 7 p.m. tonight one will fall as they are scheduled to take to the floor today at Placer today and the other will have a shot at their league championship.


Schell (BR) 263 kills
Pereira (BR) 180 kills
T. Rath (BR) 89 kills

Graham (Placer) 56 kills
Collins (Placer) 44 kills
Quirarte (Placer) 56 kills

Johnson (BR) 617 assists
Schauble (Placer) 151 assists

Many times assists tell the story in volleyball as this position (setter) is the engine which make the team thrive or fail. Both teams setters are seniors playing at the height of their high school careers and they both have multiple players to set. The difference in today's contest will be the Bruin's senior outside hitters. They are long and athletic and have been here before, where Placer's scoring leaders have not. I give the Bruins a slight edge with the contest going the distance.

Frosh game at 4 p.m. at Placer High School in Auburn with the JV and Varsity games to follow.

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