Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Snails are an odd menu item in this parts of the woods, that is a guarantee. If you are in France I would I would expect to see them, but in Nevada City? Well let me tell you, yes they are. Friar Tucks in Nevada City is a landmark eatery will change your mind of that thought. If you have never eaten a members of the molluscan family then I will start you off by asking a series of questions. Do you like butter? Do you love garlic? Then this little animal might be right for you. I have had them many times while living in Los Angeles as well as a few times at the restaurant that can be found at 111 N Pine St. Nevada City, CA 95959 (530) 265-9093, which is known for it's fondu. Reservations are recommended. Now back to the critter in the shell. The texture is much like tender squid and a little chewy but with the butter and garlic they are down right incredible. They are often on the menu but be sure to find out if they are in season as I have been there when they are a little tougher and it would not be the best time to try them for you. The ambiance of the room is very good. My wife and I like to sit in the bar area where you will often find live music after 6 p.m. by one of the many local musicians. The bar offers many types of beer, many local wines as well as from all over the world. It also offers absinthe. It is not of the Vincent Van Gogh seeing green men variety but you may need something this strong to work up the nerve to eat a critter that is often thought to be a bug.

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