Saturday, November 24, 2012


There is so much you need or may want to know whether you are baseball parent, player or coach that you can never know it all, so if you need a little help in picking out a glove or how to help your practice, there is a new site which can help.

Click here for the tips and advise.

The Founder of the interactive web/message board site has coached/managed from Little League to High school and he has seen and or heard just about everything so he is attempting to help not only the kids and parents on his particular team but the world with the knowledge he has obtained. But again if he can not help then the rest of the world wide audience we also be there for support.

If you have a particular need or question feel free to post it and someone who has been in the same situation very well can help you through the pitfalls and keep you out of trouble.

The site is in its infancy so please check back often for new question which you may be able to answer. The site's intent to to help those in need.

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