Saturday, November 24, 2012


When I heard of Jack Taylor of Grinnell scoring 138 points to break the NCAA record for-points in a game I was in awe. But when I started to really think about it I was not so impressed.

While I find it amazing that one player can score 138 points in a single college basketball game, I do wonder what his teammates were feeling. Basketball is a team game. The kid shot the ball 107 times while dishing out ZERO assists. He did have a teammate who did shoot the ball 6 times though.

Score By Periods12TotalRECORDS
Faith Baptist Bible46581040-5
Grinnell College85941793-0

This was a game where one player on a team was held above the game and the team itself which I find fault in. Where was the coach? I do not find fault with the player as it is obvious he was just to much for the other team to guard and heck taking that many shots would be fun. But he should have never been able to chuck the ball that many times. I would also call the team poor sports, blowing a team out is one thing but winning by 75 is down right disrespectful.

What about teaching defense coach? Your team gave up 104 points in a single contest.

Great Job Taylor in rewriting the record books.

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