Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Bear River's 9-10 and 10-11 All-Star teams come into Thursday's games one loss away from being knocked out of the District 11 All-Star Tournament. Click here for 7/3/12 results.

The younger team is coming off their come from behind 11-10 win over Auburn where they took the games lead in the bottom of the six while the older team fell 16-0 to Rocklin. Click here for first round results.

The Bear River 10-11 team is slated to take on Sierra Foothill in Penn Valley on Thursday at 5 p.m. The Sierra Foothill's team fell to Auburn in it's first round game by a score of 10-4. This should be a competitive game as both teams hail from two of the smaller leagues in the tournament.

The Bear River 9-10 game will be played in Lincoln at 5 p.m. on Thursday, where they will be pitted against the host team. Lincoln's first round game was against Tri-City as was Bear River's first round contest. Lincoln fell 3-1 and Bear River fell 12-2. This is a game between two very different teams, Lincoln plays very good defense where BR has struggled in that statistical category. BR is a good hitting team where Lincoln has failed to deliver many hits.

What was your fondest memory of the 2012 Little League season?

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