Sunday, September 30, 2012


Let me set the table. A baseball double header, load the truck with fishing/camping gear, drive to Truckee, fish the Little Truckee, drive to the town of Truckee to eat dinner, drive to the Truckee River near Boca, set up the air mattress in the bed of the truck along the train tracks. This was Saturday.

The Little Truckee was very low but we did have the opportunity to catch a couple of very small rainbows.

The Aspen as changing colors

We fished until dark, the walk back the car was well lit by way of the full moon.

Dinner was not the healthiest but oh well!

Sleeping along the banks of the Truckee river sure sounds great unless you are also next to a very active railroad line as we were. Every hour on the hour a train would go by and since we happened to park adjacent to a road crossing, the train blew it's horn everytime. Not the best way to sleep. What made it worse was waking after a restless night with ice on our sleeping bags. 

Once we go moving the fish were awaiting for us.

Once the sun beat down on the river we always leave.

Jax has the best corned beef and eggs in the country.

If that was not enough we fished Donner Lake and Donner Creek on the way home.


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