Friday, October 12, 2012


The Bear River Bruins came into Friday night's game against Placer at 6-0 as did the Hillman. It was a a heavy weight battle that could have gone either way. Placer was bigger, faster and expected to blowout the Bruins. Placer had averaged 21 points in the first quarter where Bear River was not expected to score more than that in the 48 minute contest. The Bruins played a strong game and had many chances to win the contest but fell in the 14-7 defensive game.

Bear River scored on an interception within the first 15 seconds of the game but the offense failed to score all night. Placer stopped the Bruins inside the red zone all three times they got there. The Bruins had many chances to knot the contest but they shot themselves in the foot with penalties and turnovers.

Zach Winter played a great game on defense for the Bruins while Isaac Brahce was the workhorse for the Hillman.

The underdog Bruins played a great game and have no reason to hang their heads.

The Bruins will host Center next week.

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  1. The defense was pronominal! Offense has really struggled this year. The running game just keeps getting shut down! Figure that out in the next month and playoffs could be interesting. Hats off to the JV team as Coach Bean continues to produce wins.
    Good job Bruins!!!
    Keep that dream alive!!


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