Sunday, October 14, 2012


Even thought the 11u Brown Sox finished with a 1-3 record on the weekend. They did play in the championship game. The Sox went 1-1 on Saturday but played solid defense and had great pitching which resulted in giving up only 5 runs. Therefore on Sunday they played Future Prospects for the title.

The Brown Sox called on Nathan Van Patten who pitched well for a 1-0 score into the 3rd inning when James Nolan closed the contest falling 6-2.

In the second game of the day Mathew Dalbon, Shawndell Williams, Bryce  Bergman and Stewie Eskridge pitched to a 17-8 loss to Hard 90.

 This was the first weekend tournament (two double headers) for the 11u Brown Sox and the team's manager was very happy with the outcome as all the boys had the chance to pitch.

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