Friday, April 27, 2012


I would like to congratulate my 10 year old son on winning his first NBA fantasy basketball championship in what was his inaugural season. He defeated an eight year old friend who lives in Los Angeles with a final score of 5-3 in the head to head format. The managers who skillfully led their clubs to the Grass Valley league finals which was played on Yahoo Sports had finished the regular season in last and next to last place. They both made some very drastic moves prior to playoff time, of which I questioned, but the risk really payed off for both of them. Nice season boys. I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing you again on the hardwood for the 2012-2013 draft sometime around Thanksgiving.
In the semi-final match up this past week it was a fathers vs sons match up. The old guys who had mentored their boys all season, we taught the newbies the tricks of the game and we were exposed by those efforts. I fell in what was a close game 5-4 while the youngest manager took on his father the oldest most experienced manager. The contest started out close but by the weekend the old man fell asleep on the couch and he never woke up, falling 7-2.
I learned a few things through this NBA season. Injured players should be cut almost at once regardless of who they are. I held onto a big named player for more than 6 weeks which caused me drop 5 out of 6 games which caused me to slide in the standings from first to third. When assembling a team you need a standout shooting guard, so draft accordingly. The largest things I learned is don't give away your game plan and never underestimate your opponent even if they are eight and 10 respectively.
It was a fun season even though it was a shortened one due to a strike. There were many moments when I learned a thing or two about trash talk as well as a love of basketball being passed from one generation to the next.

Final Standings
#1 Showtime - Dean
#2 Go Heat - Daniel
#3 California Comets - Scott
#4 Oak Park Eagles - Chuck

Thank you for playing along....The Commissioner!

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