Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Me Time

Me Time

Time...who has enough? If you have a desire to do something, schedule it. For twenty years, I couldn't find time to play softball. I played hardball in college and I have maintained a passion for the game itself during that period, but with so much going on in life I didn't have time. I always seem to have time to coach or sit in the bleachers at my kid's games, but the "me time" was never really thought about. A friend sent me a text message asking me to lace up my spikes. I was flattered at first and then I sat on the couch watching a Giants game with my son. I started thinking of all the commitments I have. The one area I had let slip by was the commitment to myself. I agreed to play in the Grass Valley men's league with some good friends and even though we are 0-2 so far, I'm having a blast. As I have gotten older I've learned to embrace the big picture; it is the process of the game that is important and not the end result. I'm just enjoying the journey!

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