Monday, April 30, 2012


6.5 pound large mouth bass
When the local lakes' water temperature hits 60 degrees something magical happens. Male Large mouth as well as Spotted bass move into shallow water to spawn. Male fish (three to five pound weight class) will fan an area with their tails removing the loose debris . They are creating a bed for the often larger females ( five plus pounds) to lay her eggs. While the male is fanning the female will be staged in a little deeper water hiding within some type of structure until the time is right. What triggers the spawning female that the time is right? Through my 40 plus years of bass fishing, I can share with you with confidence it is the full moon. The first weekend in May (5th, 6th and 7th) will be peak spawning season as this is the first time in 2012 where the water temperature is 60 degrees under a full moon. You will want to work the shoreline with plugs, spinners or plastic worms. I prefer to walk along the banks than to fish from a boat.

 When you see a bed (small circular indentation) there will be fish near by. The spawning bass are not actively feed, but they will strike anything that is endangering it's offspring. Cast past the bed and bring it back towards towards you let in sink into the center of the bed and leave it there. The bass will pick it up in their mouth and try to spit it out away from the bed. This is when you set the hook. Make sure your drag is set fairly lose as the bass is going to make a fast aggressive run in an attempt to free itself.  If you are lucky enough to land a large female who is on her bed please do not keep it. Your trophy of a lifetime is the life's blood to future generations of fish and fisherman.

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